Some Old Skool Retro Ansi Art

in ansi •  16 days ago

I've been playing around with REXPaint recently and just wanted to share some little ANSI art shitz I've done in it.

Not saying any of these are worth any praise, I'm very new / rusty to ASNI & ASCII art, but I always have a little hole in my ♡ for it. I just like the retro vibes of it all :^)

a little town with some peaceful people. but... what lies beyond the mountains across the river?!
shitty little personal "logo" [ not really, it's too trash ]
just a fun lil' pattern. probably my favorite thing to do with ansi, just start drawing patterns!
and, last but not least, a little love from me to you ;^)

kay, that's it, buh-bye, see you tomorrow, sleep well <3

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