[Temporary Issues] AnonSteem is down due to STEEM.WS and Blockr.IO both having issues now

in #anonsteem4 years ago

As per the title, AnonSteem is temporarily down. Prior to the outage some people may have had orders expire even though they paid (due to blockr.io going down), whiles others had issues with "out of steem" (due to steem.ws going down for HF18).

We'd like to apologise to anyone with stuck account creations because of this, and those of you who can't use the site at all right now.

These issues should be resolved when both Blockr.IO and Steem.WS resolve their issues.

My order expired even though I paid!

Please email us so that we're aware, and we'll fix your order. Make sure you include the order ID and/or the address you sent to (your order should be in your browser history if you closed the tab):

anonsteem [at] someguy123 [dot] com

AnonSteem is operated by @someguy123 - if you like the service, vote for Someguy123 on the witnesses page, and remember to follow @someguy123 and @anonsteem


Thanks for this update!