Announcement about the update of NULS main net V 0.9.1 BETA

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Dear community:

Since NULS opened public beta, we have received feedback from all over the world. In order to improve the operating efficiency of NULS wallet, an upgraded NULS wallet (V 0.9.1) is now available. Please go to the official website to download the updated version. The new version will clear all consensus nodes and retain only the test coins. After imported the private key in the updated wallet, you’ll have the same amount test coins.

Before upgrading, ensure you back up the private key of old version. During the beta, the NULS team will upgrade the wallet version dependent upon the situation, but at least this will be every ten days. Please download and update the local wallet version regularly. For a detailed update time, please pay attention to the NULS Twitter. Do not exclude to purge the block data and redeploy.

Please regularly check our NULS Twitter account for further updates and announcements concerning the wallet. If you discover any bugs, please report this on our Reddit thread and you may be rewarded.

Please carefully read the NULS test wallet operation manual. If you have any questions, you can give us your queries or feedback.

All the activity awards will be issued after the main net has launched.

Above, hereby announced!

NULS team
April 28th, 2018

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Nice. Keep up the good work!