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The Weiss Rating Agency site crashed this morning...probably by the amount of traffic directed towards it! For those who don't know, weiss ratings released this morning their ratings on 74 cryptocurrencies. A lot of attention is directed towards it and I was really curious to know their ratings on STEEM.

Seems like Christmas came early this year! People don't even have to pay in order to know that STEEM is a buy opportunity.


I was able to find some information on their splash page:


Here is an excerpt:

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL — Weiss Ratings, the nation’s leading independent rating agency of financial institutions, releases today the nation’s first-ever grades on cryptocurrencies by a financial rating agency. Weiss gives Bitcoin a C+ (meaning “fair”) and Ethereum a B (“good”). None of the cryptocurrencies covered currently get a grade of A (“excellent”). In total Weiss currently covers 74 cryptocurrencies.

A grade of A or B can also be interpreted as the investment rating equivalent of “buy.” At the same time, investors should not be overly alarmed by a C rating. It is a passing grade, and for investors, implies the equivalent of “hold.” Grades of D” and E” are the equivalent of “sell.” However, investment decisions should not be made solely based on ratings. They are meant as a tool in the context of a broader risk management strategy.

What makes Weiss’ entry into cryptocurrency ratings significant is its history of independence and accuracy in other investment sectors, as noted by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times, among others.

“Despite extreme price volatility, cryptocurrencies have a bright future and the potential to deliver unusually large profits to investors,” said Weiss Ratings founder Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D. “However, the market is hectic and confusing for investors. They need the clarity that only robust, impartial ratings can provide.”

The Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings evaluate price risk, reward potential, blockchain technology, adoption, security, and other factors. “Due to rapid changes in the data,” explains Weiss, “upgrades and downgrades are more frequent than in other sectors we cover.”

Below is a sampling of Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings, selected randomly to illustrate a variety of strengths and weaknesses:

  • Bitcoin (rated C+) gets excellent scores for security and widespread adoption. But it is encountering major network bottlenecks, causing delays and high transactions costs. Despite intense ongoing efforts that are achieving some initial success, Bitcoin has no immediate mechanism for promptly upgrading its software code.
  • Ethereum (B), the second most widely adopted cryptocurrency, benefits from more readily upgradable technology and better speed, despite some bottlenecks.
  • Novacoin (D) and SaluS (D) are weak in terms of both technological innovation and adoption.
  • Steem (B-) enjoys a relatively good balance of moderate strength in nearly all the key factors considered along with a social network feature.

Read more here: http://finance.weissratings.com/crypto/

The rest of the information is for sale but it's interesting that they mentioned STEEM as a "bonus" on their landing page.


We are not crazy! STEEM is definitely a buy!


Thanks for info - now I am getting an idea what might caused this massive spike on steem today. Good job.

Long Live Steem

Steem also got mentioned in Zerohedge.com

Yes! A lot of good news lately!

Long Live Steem my friend!
May we all drown on a sea of positive % signs :D

I had no idea about the weiss rating site. I was totally dependednt on coinmarketcap haha!!
2018 is gonna be a crazy year for steemit, with price speculations of $100 per steem, I've even come across speculations expecting $1000 per steem. Crazy world!!

I think most people that have ever used Steem can tell you that. If we could convince coinbase to add Steem and exchanges to make Steem a base trading pair it would be in the thousands and I think arbitrage trading would help keep price differentials between exchanges at a minimum with free, quick, reliable, transfers.

So far as i saw around 5-6 coins have B- rating so steem is in the top of the world with Etherium :) hope more people will look into steem and grab opportunities . And need to look later for some A, so grab them :D

And koreans are crazy with upbit trading 200 millions per day! Hope china lift the ban and they will trade more than koreans : )

Oh, yes, it's very pleasant that the STEEM was included in the list of rating currencies according to the opinion of the Weiss Rating Agency. We see again what we are talking about on the STEEM, namely, that the STEEM is more perfect in many ways, it is commission-free transactions, better bandwidth and scalability, I most importantly have the same quality as the social network, which speaks of a broader spread among ordinary people. I'm sure if the STEEM has such recognition from such an agency, then the future of the STEEM will become more assured and it's time to buy! Thank you @cryptoctopus

It's always time to buy in this blockchain at this point of time.
The price is still too undervalued!

Yes I saw it "live "happening.. i was shocked to see it go that fast.. for me the first time to see it in such detail.. I hope this is a start for much more..

@cryptoctopus - Sir they understood the power of STEEM... A big news Sir... Now it's proven STEEM is better than BTC... Nice update Sir...
Steem (B-) enjoys a relatively good balance of moderate strength in nearly all the key factors considered along with a social network feature.


This is awesome news. Not that I really was too worried with the huge dip, but it's great to have validation that Steem has a bright future. I wonder where we'll be in even 3 months from now!

I have never cared for Weiss. (As you get what you pay for... and since Weiss doesn't charge the clients, they are getting money from elsewhere, and that influences things)

But, it is generally a good place to start.

I agree with no crypto being an A. How can anything in its infancy be an A rating? We haven't even gotten started in cryptos. Even the much loved block chain will have several additions to it that will make it FAR BETTER.

So, we will see how Weiss responds in the future.
I am sure that many cryptos will be as money, and so their ratings will be A. Will Weiss accurately rate them?

they'll make money from their subscribers now. That should keep their feet to the fire to provide good ratings for solid projects.

Its good news for me and every other steemian

Please check my post on you i have created for you and dont mind if u dis like it @cryptoctopus

It's a shame that we can't see the whole list (although I respect that Weiss wants to make some profit). Now that Stripe will no longer accept Bitcoin as a payment option, it would be cool to see how more payment-friendly alternatives (OmiseGo, Ether, Stellar, Bitcoin Cash Litecoin and Dash have been mentioned) would be rated. But anyways, STEEM is a pretty safe buy.

The good part is that we don't have to necessarely buy Steem...

I find the Weiss ratings a bit strange. They are noting current price points, which makes the document already outdated now. The basis on which the ratings are awarded are not completely clear to me.

Yet, they have done something right. Steem is recognized for its use case, the power of its blockchain, the zero-fee, low latency, speedy transactions, the scalability and security.

And at the end, any good feedback about Steem is good for me! Yes, STEEM is definitely a buy, but @cryptoctopus, I beg to differ:

Some of us are in fact bonkers crazy.

Can't say I am very impressed by the numbers they gave so far. According to their ratings EOS and Ethereum are on the same level... O well, at least they did a good job for the Steem hype ^.^

"We are not crazy! STEEM is definitely a buy!"
Absolutely correct! I don't know any other currency which is undervalued as STEEM do!

  1. The fastest transaction - Based on Blocktivity
  2. More scalable than ETH, BTC and all most all Blockchains
  3. Huge user base
  4. You can add more, yeah we got more

So, now the world is recognizing the power of this amazing blockchain and the power of this amazing cypto currency. This is a bi news. Of course STEEM is in BULL trend! Anytime, it will go to moon!
I wish to see it at TWO FIGURE numbers soon! Valuable update!


Hello my friend! What a pleasure reading your post as usual! I have been so busy recently that I could not find time in dropping some comments, I had my bistro opened which is taking most of my time!
But anyway, in some time, all should stabilize!
Concerning the ratings, I am so happy to see the note given to our most favorite crypto...steem!
With the recent high prices of SBd, I can say I am among the luckiest to have been able to buy some more Steem and power up!

We are really not crazy people!

Steem On!

Steem on my friend, long time no see

Yes @progressivechef we are really not crazy people. We see the potentials of steem and the value steemit adds to our society and we are driven by that fact in believing that steem holds great future for all steemians. We are steemians, we are not crazy

It is very interesting they mentioned Steem publicly like that. All publicity helps "get the word out".

I've been glad to see the price of Steem and SBD's stay at a higher level for as long as it has. I keep thinking it has to go down, and hopefully it won't go down to where it was before. But it keeps holding strong, maybe $3-$4 is the new bottom level pricing!

STEEM's volume picked up within TOP 20 coins ($200M+): CoinMarketCap added upbit.com's volume, STEEM in zerohedge news, Weiss-ratings picked STEEM as TOP 5 rated coin. STEEM is already up 25% while no real movement among the top cryptos.

More and more people are realizing the potential steemit has.

Hoping to see a good price increase in the coming months.

This is a good one to see more people and platform recognizing steem, like you said it it a good buy for investors and a great one for bloggers who are lucky to be here now.

Thank God i a, a steemian and I joined before the crowd comes in.

HUGE! Just like we have been saying Steem is such a great Crypto and Social Platform. Steem is up 40%+ on this news and its still very undervalued.

Wow - I would never have guessed the final scores. Thanks for sharing.

Steem is in bullish consolidation at the moment, but at the same time it is near completion of wave 2 and this is the perfect buy zone, as after this wave 3 shall begin and wave 3 should move higher than the wave 1, so in other words wave 3 should go beyond 56K and make new high high and as per the chart analysis, wave 3 should project to a level in between 80K and 90K satoshi. So as per the chart, 34K to 37K level should be an ideal buy zone for STEEM.

So the mid term target is 80k satoshi.

Thank you @cryptoctopus and Have a great day.

Giving B notes to Steem was a realit result. According to my personal opinion, the note that should be given for steem is definitely A ++. As mentioned in the article, social media features are very big and positive.

I am a big fan of Steem myself, but there are certainly a few problems with the platform that should be solved before it should get an A in my opinion.

Which issues are you most concerned about? I do agree that Steem is not perfect, but it would be cool to hear what you (and others who might see this comment) finds most problematic.

One of the concerns is that @steem and the other accounts that belong to the developers hold way too much Steem. This has been an issue with other coins as well, and could easily be putting off investors.

Another concern that I have is that the witnesses could be attacked. We have 30 witnesses plus a lot of backups, but I have read several posts about how it would be potentially pretty easy for an organized hacker group to attack all their servers, since each witness typically only has one server each.

These are of course not really big issues, but I would certainly want the have good solutions to these before I would give Steem an A :)

Until now, I have always thought that trust was the main concern with witnesses (and that the voting system solves this problem pretty well), but now that you mention it, hacking may actually pose a serious threat, depending on how often the servers are backed up. I don't fear that much information would get lost, but some downtime could definitely be possible if someone with the wrong motives and the right toolsmade a serious attempt.

Yeah, trust is of course a big concern too. As well as potential for someone very wealthy to buy huge amounts of Steem Power and vote for witnesses that follows their agenda (sounds like a conspiracy, but it's worth debating and figuring out in my opinion).

I honestly don't know what the ramifications of an attack towards the witnesses would be, but you are probably right that it would most likely be downtime for the blockchain and not loss of data.

Steemit is really catching up because it proves its potential and usefullness as a platform compared to other crypto out there. Thanks for the useful information @cryptoctopus!

They rated it B- but it looks like the only reason for that is the relatively low market cap, they do point that in other aspects it has considerable advantaged!

So i guess with that if they will release a new review a few months from now - we will see a B at least as the market cap is in the riggt way and grows steadily!
Thanks for the info!

OMG, now I see... What a huge jump!!!

Still more to come. Keep watching

I know, can't wait for more :))

My concern on the rating agency is how much power they have gotten in the regular financial markets. Although it is good to have an investment grade vs non investment grade segmentation in the crypto space, it will be hard to judge based on the possibility of biases that can exist. Thanks for the information!

Maybe the ratings become self-fulfilling (not that that necessarily is a bad thing).

“Despite extreme price volatility, cryptocurrencies have a bright future and the potential to deliver unusually large profits to investors,”
Very well said.
There is no better way to describe crypto.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Steem is one of the only cryptos with a proven use case, a working product AND hundreds of thousands of users! Steem WILL hit $100 a Steem, maybe even before 2019!

Whoa steem B- not bad, will i say christmas came early, or christmas never left 😂 but all thesame, it's a good time to be on the best platform ever

It is a strong currency and has a very big future and much better now I say it will exceed $ 60 this year This is my chance to raise the tempo of work and tender and put the idea of ​​steemit on all friends and family
And a lot I want to have my community steemit popular as a bridge and it becomes better than Facebook in a lot of future
Thank you for your attention and motivation sir

That's a great news for the steem blockchain. I think it's the good time to buy steem because I think investing in steam is just like making your future stable. Resteeming this post so that others it can reach to all steem lovers .

Yeaaaaa sure steem is the real deal right now. Did you also notice steem is mooning at the moment? Do you know what the reason might be?

I am greatful I bought Steem when I did coz it's really interesting seeing it make waves at the moment...

i am seriously loving this pump right now, i just hope it lasts...

Yes I saw it "live "happening.. i was shocked to see it go that fast.. for me the first time to see it in such detail.. I hope this is a start for much more..

I like your conclusion...

"We are not crazy! STEEM is definitely a buy!"
And that's so true.

it a good news though, but i believe that steem is still going higher

Yeah, it will probably go a whole lot higher during 2018! I would definitely not sell my Steem anytime soon.

"it has a relatively good balance of moderate power in almost all the key factors handled with a social networking feature." B-then I think it's ridiculous to say. Steem's social media direction is very successful. I do not see the worthy value, I think. hope will increase in the coming process.Thanks for information. @cryptoctopus

I am happy that we are such a good pue

Hoping to see a good price increase in the coming months.
Nice post continuation

This is definitely a very good news.

we look forward to a nice price increase with a pleasant feeling of hope

Thank you for your explanation of the launch of the rocket)


"Steem (B-) enjoys a relatively good balance of moderate strength in nearly all the key factors considered along with a social network feature."

It's looks steem currency got some positive feedback.

Cryptoctopus, what are you thoughts on @jerrybanfield's venture to create a steem/fiat gateway?

Wouldn't it be great for #steemecosystem if we leave bitcoindependency?

This is good news for steem and steem investor, i think this rating will create more awareness of steem and steemit in general. The effect of this will be a price hike of steem and new account registration.

Very soon, steem will go beyond bitcoin! I guarantee you.

I just wondered where the increase came from so suddenly, that explains why. Fantastic news!!!

i am a newcomer in steemit if any time come my bog thanks

What a great news! it seems its been consolidating now but its definetely a buy steem has so much potential and so much value!

I definitely believe in Steem, regardless of any rating agency ;) but it is nice to see that somebody recognizes its value finally.

Yay such a good feedback for Steem! 😊

I feel like one of the big points for steem is it's utility, don't get me wrong, I think Eths smart contracts have MORE utility, but steem has a utility that is easy for people to grasp, social media interactions and rewards.

We are not crazy! STEEM is definitely a buy! yayayayaya
thank you for sharing please follow me

I had not heard of Weiss Ratings before, it is very interesting as well as exciting to see Steem rise in the rankings against other cryptocurrencies as well as be one of the highest rated cryptocurrencies out there to invest in. Just today we saw a big jump in the price of Steem and will continue to see that climb as we get further and further into 2018.

Nobody can stop STEEM or Crypto period! Pro-Crypto people are going to WIN CONGRESS and make THEIR RIGGED Systems obsolete!

Awesome! This is so exciting. Really cool to see respected sources taking Steem seriously!

I should have believed in Steem, whatever his rating agency;) But it's nice to see someone realize the ultimate value of good luck friends

This is awesome news, and if a small rating agency can drive prices up 40% in one day imagine what a rating from one of the big ratings agencies would do. This is still very much the opening acts and we are the early adopters.

Thank you for the information

The awesome rise in STEEM and SBD is an appreciable one as it is a good sign and believe that we are heading some where.

@cryptoctopus - Sir I don't know it's due to this news... STEEM showed a huge uptrend now <3... We all get's a wonderful future with this genius coin & the blockchain Sir...


That is really a great and big news for the steem enthusiasts . In less than 2 years on the market and reached this level, it is really amazing. Now more people will come and invest here I guess.
A happy moment for the steemit users

I have tried to accumulate STEEM as much as possible. I am also waiting for messenger feature of the network. It will create the big price pump, I think

I skimmed the list and it seems they were not very forthcoming with A ratings hence I believe a B- is a pretty good score.

STEEM is one of the best tokens out there I believe since it has one of the better blockchains. When you look at the technology coupled with the numbers of users and the loyalty we see on here, I dont see many blockchains competing at the moment.

I also wrote a post this morning about how steemit was mentioned in an article by zerohedge. It actually was one they picked up from Tom Luongo. Either way, it referred to the censorship on Facebook and Google.

We are going to see some massive advancements in this blockchain once HF20 takes place.

It is going to be a wild ride going forward.

Yes. your information is right.

thanks for the info @cryptoctopus. I just started investing in cryptocurrency and this is a very good info where to invest and where not.

How did Ethereum manage to get a B?! Especially after the CryptoKitties debacle. Oh well, I guess they like bottlenecks over there at Weiss...

wow..i am waiting :) this is awesome

Wao that if it is glad to know that Steem is mentioned in the positive analysis

Steem (B-) enjoys a relatively good balance of moderate strength in nearly all the key factors considered along with a social network feature..

Is this why Steem suddenly got like a $1 price increase in a matter of hours? This is probably huge news for Steemit!

Steem has shown all potentials to be a great coin in the future, i hope we all hodl and enjoy when it happens

Yeah, it's a very good coin. Free transactions, 3 second transaction time and a huge potential to handle millions of transactions daily makes it a lot better than Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Well that is fantastic news! And it looks like this might have been the shot in the arm that Crypto needed to get out of it's latest slump...

this gonna be an amazing year for steem and the whole community

Steemit and steemit communities are growing up organically, This is a long race for all of us but in the end we'll prevail, steemit is a life-changer-saver especially for those who live in third worl countries, that is why we need to promote steemit the best way possible and show to the world how this might work out for everyone using the correct strategy, thanks for the info mate! It certainly gives hope and motivation to keep working hard! Cheers!

Wow! I'm so elated seeing steem in the lead with eth. Glad to be in the winning team. The journey is only just starting...

steem is a blockchain database that supports social and community building
nteraction with cryptocurrency bonuses. Steem combines the concepts of
ocial media with lessons learned from the construction of cryptocurrencies and special
Communities. An important tool to inspire participation in any society,
Currency or free market economy is a system of fair accounting that has been consistently
eflects everyone's contribution. Steem is the first cryptocurrency to be
Attempts to reward accurately and transparently an unlimited number of
the individuals who make the sub
Jective contributions to its community.
And this is what I have of information is more useful. @cryptoctopus : D

This is fantastic, we have a long way to go. Steem price will reach to $1000 one day. Every Steem earned today is worth more than the price we see now, so let's make this platform the best in the world!

That's awesome! We are seeing more and more attention on Steem and it's only the first month of the year. Can you imagine the popularity and attention by the end of the year? Oh and the price! It will be amazing...

WEISS RATINGS AGENCY i listen this name first time but good to read about steem report and hope steem will be grow more high and will be number one after a time maybe it take some yeares but sure it will be number one its not only our excitements with steem its a big true if we see the projects of steem which not having other blockchains
i hope we will stick with steem always if we want a bright future

Ahahahahaha. How wonderful to have a diagnosis of 'NOT CRAZY'. I presume I can take that to the bank??

Poor Weiss. Server overload can be nasty and expensive to fix. Obviously didn't expect the traffic from the Crypto world. Which is probably some sort of commentary on the state of the universe we live in.

Thanks for a really informative post. I'm desperately thinking of who I need to tell that I am not crazy. Among other things.

steem deserves atleast an "A", not a "B+"!

Steem is going to have a monster year. You can see as we slowly clmib the alexa rankings, more and more people are coming aboard. Fast, free transactions and an amazing community have us poised for exponential growth this calendar year.

recognition of main streams is a big plus point to steem. the moon time started & we have a big news to come with smt too :) @cryptoctopus

reteemed & upvoted & commented & followed

I think in the long run steemit will hit usd100 after feel months to one year it is still in the introduction stage

Firstly let me say this, "I hope steem goes to the moon". After all, that is what everyone in this community wants.

Now, let us start by keeping our feet on the ground. We are of course biased and want to read as much good news as possible surrounding steem, and why wouldn't we. However, that bias can lead us to cooing over the positive news and all but ignoring the negative stuff. We can hear what we want to hear and see what we want to see. Just take a look at the upvotes from the community on positive steem posts, compared to the more cautious posts around steem.

Apparently, this is Wiess's (or any agency's) first ever rating release on cryptos, and so they have no track record in this space to judge them on. For all we know, they may be totally off on their method of crypto profiling.

They are in a business, obviously to make money, by attracting clients who will sign up for their services. What better attraction than the lure of information on the new darling of the investment markets, cryptos. Of course this was a lucrative space to move into! On their very first grading, their servers crashed under the weight of the stampede for their rating grades.

I'm not saying that steem won't be the golden child of the crypto currencies. I'm just advising that we read all the street signs and not just those that make us feel good. Otherwise we could end up in a cul-de-sac!

The clearest time to make a decision on an investment, is before we purchase. Once we are in, fear, greed and hope can and will cloud our judgement.

Allow me to leave you with this quote regarding steem. As Buzz Lightyear would say with gusto "To infinity and beyond!"

But then again, don't believe what Wallstreet tells you. They can change their ratings anytime they like.

Agreed @drakos. In fact, I would never listen to anything that comes out of Wall Street :).

It's love it dear , beautiful post and
Thanks for sharing .


Hello @cryptoctopus, steem is definitely a bargain in today's market and the world at large

I love that steem got a good rating. But the ratings seem to be missing a ton of good coins. or maybe i'm just hoping they're good coins......;)

preparation for landing

  1. Steem and steem dollar is going to the moon
    My predictions for them by the end of the year
    1 Steem - 100-150usd
    1 SBD- 150-200usd

I think you might be correct with these assumptions, unless the witnesses pushes a fork to peg the SBD back to $1, which they are currently discussion about whether or not to do. Anyway, now is a great time to buy Steem!

very good post friends.

I was thinking this was part of the price jump... hey hey... keep pouring on the gravy

This is definitely good news for steem and its community! This kind of good things that keep happening and the amount of people coming into the platform will make steem value and interest go higher and higher as fast as ever!

And to think so many are still on fakebook!

steem is graded a B. Thats what am talking about. More reason to purchase more steem, and create more content to gain steem

I'm looking forward to the day steem would become the first most widely accepted crytocurrency! With time, steem will go wild!.
I'm waiting!