Issuance of currency 75,000

in #anniverseryind8 months ago

17 August yesterday was the 75th day of Indonesian independence (eow ... I don't feel the age of Indonesia since independence has been old. Wkwkwk). But there is something interesting on Indonesia's birthday. Infonesia prints currency worth 75,000. What is interesting again, this currency is limited. The 75,000 currency was only printed, as many as 75 million prints (the same as the age of independent Indonesia). 75,000 currency can be used legally for payment. There are also those who use the money only for collections because it is printed on a limited basis. The currency that was printed with the image of the first president was really interested by Indonesian citizens, so many of them exchanged their money at the Indonesian bank (BI) for the 75,000 currency.

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