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I'm used to seeing Anniversary post on steemit I definitely looked up to seeing my own anniversary. Thanks to @steemitboard It's exactly 365 days I registered my account on steemit today September 11th. I remembered the controversy surrounding my registration I was skeptical about steemit, I had had bad memories with ponzi schemes and lost a lot of money so I wasn't really interested, but the sole fact that steemit was free to use was the main reason why I registered since I had nothing to lose.


I actually didn't blog for the first ten days but after ten days I started with a reply of 25 and I was ashamed to always place my comments on other users account because my rep was very low and I feared I was going to be segregated because of my reputations but I was really welcomed with open arms and my introduction post was full of welcoming comments. The first user to welcome me here was @oluwoleolaide and my goodness! Did be help my steemit growth? He definitely did.

It was difficult, but I know that you've heard this before, but believe me, it was really difficult, I can't really say I've been a flamboyant success but I can say I've enjoyed a certain level of success.
I couldn't afford to buy internet time when I started and SBD was around 0.97$ as at that time. It was horrible having to spend more on data and earn less, but I loved blogging, I wrote my contents on facebook for free for 4 years, I would collect a penny for it no matter what.

unnamed (1).png

Steem Lagos meet-up in 2017

I had a niche, and it was prose writing, short stories and mainly writing really so u concentrated and after one month I earned my first 10$ on a post.
Forgive my title, but I can't gush about steemit enough, it's been a whole one year my life has been definitely transfered, it makes me emotional to state the details, so I'll just cut it short and say steemit has changed my life

Here is my seven days old post with ten cent but my goodness didn't you see all the love?


The truth is without support I won't have really gotten so far and with a reputations of 63.4 I must say it's been a splendid journey. One of the people that influenced and supported me on steemit was @d-pend his contents was one of the reasons why I improved my content creating and today apart from blowing my trumpet I'm one of the good poets on the platforms and I've met a lot amazing others like @Dante31, a fantastic and amazing friend, the splendid @empress-eremmy and many others who were splendid writers too @raj808 for example.

This is exactly how I looked before I joined steemit.


This is definitely me after joining steemit after I'm year.


I've definitely lost a lot of post I wrote that contains a lot of memories I've made and after one year I definitely have so many people I'll like to thank because without them I may still be repping 25 till today.

I'll be forever grateful @d-pend @abigail-dantes @roelandp @artwatch @Surpassingoogle @anomadsoul @mermaidvampire @snook @Dante31 @bleedpoet @Margaretwise @ogoowinner @gloglo @abh12345 @lizanomadsoul @oluwoleolaide @jeaniepearl basically @nathanmars for his amazing impact towards my embracing of using the steemit dapps @emonemolover @gomatthew.

And definitely recently people like @jedau an amazing man with a heart of gold and so many people who definitely I may have forgotten

I'll like to thank the @girlsfoundation a splendid cause, @surfyogi's wafrica, the entirety of @curie, communities like @minnowsupport, basically the STEEM dapps especially esteem not to forget @indigoocean, @aduragbemi a splendid writer an amazing personality himself @ericvancewalton, the beautiful and funny friend @angelacs.

You all have made my journey worthwhile on steemit and it's an emotional day for me and I'm definitely feeling speechless as well, thank you so much and it's a splendid steemvarsary




So glad you joined Steemit and have kept writing throughout the ups and downs! Congratulations on your one year anniversary!

Thank you so much Eric, it's been so splendid for me and certainly thank you for your affluence on my journey as well

Happy anniversary Jose. I won't say you are at the top yet but you're well on your way there. Congratulations

Yeah still finding my way to reaching there

Happy 1 year buddy. It is great to read about your journey and here the enthusiasm you have for the platform. Keep on steeming m8 :-)

Thank you so much @raj808 I've seen some splendid content courtesy of you really, and I've learnt a lot trust me, thank you for your feedbacks on my contents as well.

You know you are one of tge amazing people on here right? I just want you to continue with your strong- willed spirit and never give up. This is just the beginning of something great to come. Happy one year anniversary on steemit- steemitversary.

Thank you so much @gloglo you've been more than a friend and an inspiration to me, thank you so much

Happy anniversary buddy. I am honoured to be part of your steemit story. Thank you

Well my friend it's been a bumpy ride I tell you lol I'm so glad I really looked backed an well tell my testimonies

Congratulations dear on the achievement.
May your testimonies grow bigger.

Thank you so much I'm so delighted as well, hipint to see yours too, soon

Happy one year anniversary Mr @jesediccus. It is very pleasing to see how steemit changed you.. Keep up the good work!

Happy 1 year on Steem, lets do 9 more at least!

hahaha, Let's make it last forever

Thank you so much

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Happy anniversary, man! I'm so glad to see your progress here, and I'm very happy to have been a part of it. I even had a whole paragraph all to myself, that's huge! You have a lot of raw talent and untamed enthusiasm,I hope that you continue to nurture it and never let anything dampen your light!

Never despair buddie, happy Anniversary and Full Steem Ahead.

Happy Anniversary @josediccus, am so glad you've come this far. You have been an inspiration to me and so many. Don't relent and never settle for less because that's not who you are.

Keep steeming @josediccus, well done!!!

Congratulations josediccus, happy birthday! You’re barely a week older than me. Have you been considering what you’ll post for your 1 year birthday more than another of your previous birthdays in many years or is it just me?

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