It’s My One Year Anniversary On Steemit

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My Last one year on steemit has been a memoriable one. I register my steemit was active on the 3rd of February, 2018. And since that time my steemit journey has been fun.

My first intro post was a blessed one with lot of vote upvote by many notable steemian and @artzone community.

Am an artist and my intro was fill with some of my art work.

My first limelight was when i was chosen by @artzone crew @surfyogi and the other crew to be one of the curator been an artist.

I was so existed and happy to serve the comunity.
I was blessed with many gift from steemian one of it is GiF from @papa-pepper and my portrait picture GIF.
I was so happy to made a dress for papa-pepper family last year july it was my first job has an artist to a steemian.
This also follow another fabric dress made by me for my boss in @artzone to Surfyogi whe he came to Nigeria.
My first meetup has a stemian was a memoriable one, i was one of the curator that meet up in Abuja for wafrica Curator meeting which i finaly meet lot of my friend, sister, brother and senior.

Steemit has teach me to know more about crypto word and am so happy and bless to be a steemian.

This one year journey wouldnt be possible without
My Boss and father @surfyogi
Father and metor @papa-pepper
My big brother and boss @adetorrent
My lovely @artzone family

The @wafrica family

And many of my lovely friend
And many more.

Thanks so much it couldnt have been fun without you guys.

I love you so much.

Stay bless.

Is your girl @gbija


Congrats dear.

Thanks big sister @prettyjules158 God bless you

Congratulations dear, Keep doing great

Thanks Brother @honourmaus God bless you


Thanks sister @nmalove God bless you

congratulations, I'm glad i met you here. greater days ahead.

happy steemiversary

The WAfrica family celebrates you. Happy Steem anniversary.

Am honour love you thanks for always been there for me @wafrica crew

Congratulations for keeping it pushing. It excites me to see time marks like this on steemit

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

Resteemed. It has been a powerful achievement so far. I want to believe the blockchain has made you much better in your creative work through the challenge it posses to you. May this day bring to you many greater milestone. Happy birthday @gbija

Am so honour big brother @mcsamm, thanks so much God bless, how is Ghana, I miss you

Miss you too

Congratulations. Another amazing year ahead.

Thanks boss God bless @adetorrent

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