One Year Anniversary

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Hey Steemians!

So, it's been one year since I signed up for this platform and it's been a terrific journey. @altportal is now 13 moons old!!
At first, I had no comprehension of how any of this worked. But, over the last 4 months, that has changed.

As I try to recruit friends to jump on board, I realize there is a lot more work to do with this platform to make it easy to understand for the average person.

So, looking forward, I plan on breaking away from only blogging, and will also be publishing streaming videos about some of the same topics, I've written about, and to help lure average social media users into our direction.

Best to all as always, @altportal


Wow, you have been on here for a long time, then. Cool. I'm still trying to figure things out.


Congrats on your anniversary here on #steemit and for bringing me along on the ride!

Hello Friend how are you? congratulations for celebrating a year in this wonderful platform, steemit is the best thing that at least has happened to me, a year is easy but it is 365 days of which many are dedicated to share content for our followers,Nice experience to be here the truth that this platform has everything and every day improving for good, at first a little difficult to carry you must read a lot to learn but here we are little by little you learn I heart I am grateful to you for the great support I have had from you since I met you

So happy to have met you!

Hello Friend how are you? I feel part of this celebration since we are friends several months ago, from heart congratulations and thank you for the support I have had from you and steemit I am very grateful

Glad you're here!

Congratulations, this platform is great I think it is the best thing that has happened to us, every day you learn more and with faith and hope that this will be the future Steem every time takes more strength in different countries of the world, I am from venezuela and Steemit has been of great help for me in knowledge and economically

Friend, how are you? congratulations for a year here on the platform the truth is the best they have been able to create.

You make many friends, you know many places through the photographs and you learn a lot. Finally, it helps you monetarily. I think steemit has everything. @altportal

Hi @altportal congrats for your anniversary on this Amazing platform
Best wishes for you o/

Happy anniversary. Congratulation for the anniversary. Thanks, @altportal

Congratulation. @altportal Together we build strong Steemit communities.:))

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