TrustPlus - Launched July 4th, 2014

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TRUSTplus Proof-of-Work mining started on Independence Day with the intention of creating a coin with Integrity. The developers are not Anonymous and work hard to decentralize your assets and transactions. It has Auto Transactions for future use of credit ratings and TRUSTee contracts.

Electronic Wallets: WIN | MAC | LINUX | Android | RaspberryPi
We have a wallet for every Operating system. We have a strong community and can have a custom wallet built for your platform. All can be found at

Crypto Asian has published a 5 PoD Rating for TRUSTplus developers. We have also been verified by CoinsSource 7 Rating. You can email the developers at any time

Our modular roadmap supports a platform to evolve crypto currency into digital finance, law, e-commerce and ERP. We are always developing decentralized modules capable of functioning on any device.

We are very active in our community spreading the word about Bitcoin. We use our coin to educate people how it all works. We also make paper for local events. Many fair-goers, raves and bars have no idea they are using TRUST. Our paper is redeemable long after the party is over.

We are active assisting other coins development. Being a developer is not easy and many developers drop off great projects, we are here to help. Assets are suggested to back TRUST value. We have Bitmain Mining, Genesis Mining, and local miners on NiceHash to support Trust.Digital Corporation based in USA. Their company assets include the well known BTC, DMD, and XMG. Other Projects have left us with small values in ARCH, XPY and NYC.

Trust is also supported in UK through UK Digital Futures. There, 100+ investors back TRUST on Bittrex.

Social Media:

Completed Projects: Bittrex Android QRCodes Shopify TRUSTpi
Current Projects: pyTRUST TRUSTj TRUSTsolar TRUSTlaw TRUSTauto TAddy TRUSTzero TRUSTtor TRUSTparent

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