Why Aokiji Can not Restore Her Leg Whole? Here's the Reason! Anime #3

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Hello faithful friend steemit, on this occasion we will discuss about the Mystery why Aokiji Kuzan can not restore his legs as whole as before?

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Aoikiji is one of the badasss characters in the One Piece world that has the power of the devil logia fruit "hie-hie no mi", this power allows him to manipulate the ice elements at will.

Previously known Aokiji still occupy the position of admiral navy. But the incompatibility between himself and Akainu makes them decide to fight for days on Punk Hazard island, the goal is none other than because Aokiji does not want Akainu to replace Sengoku who has retired.

After the fight was won by Akainu, Aokiji opted out of the navy because he was not in line with the government led by Akainu. Since then Aokiji no longer heard where the rimbanya.

In a separate episode, Aokiji meets with the Straw Hats in a hot spring. But one thing that makes us all surprised is that one leg of Aokiji has broken, and he is seen to have many bruises disekujur body.


Indeed Kuzan Aokiji is a logia user who can replace his broken leg with the power of ice. But still Aokiji no longer have normal legs, because if he was bathing his ice power will disappear and his legs are broken will be seen.

The greatest possibility is that the original body of Aokiji has decayed earlier because it retains the heat of Akainu's magma during his second fight. Similarly, what happened to his legs are broken by Akainu magma power.

If so, is it when Akainu's second fight is not injured at all despite being attacked with ice power from Aokiji?


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