Luffy's Most Frightening Hidden Power In addition to Haki and his Gear According to Mihawk! Anime #5

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Luffy is the main character of the Manga and Anime One Piece. As we know luffy is very strong, his strength in terms of utilization of the devil's fruits to Gear 4 and his tremendous right to make opponents opponent trembling him.


Luffy has defeated 2 sichibukai, and the strongest member of CP 9 Luccy before he can use Haki. Even after he can use haki he can defeat one of the strongest Sichibukai ie Doflaminggo, Doffy who has mastered the awakening on his devil fruit can be defeated by luffy using Gear 4 only. Many of the characters can tell One Piece who does not believe that Doffy can be defeated by Luffy.


Not until there alone, in the whole arc Big Mom cake even Luffy can beat 2 Commander Pirate Yonkou Big Mom even one of its commanders is the strongest warrior in the Big Mom pirate Katakuri. This will surely be something of a stir the future, a Yonkou commander with a fugitive price of over 1 Billion Belly can be defeated with the rokie of the worst generation of Monkey D Luffy.


Well from the above review can be known Luffy strength is very good both in terms of the strength of the devil fruit or his haki. But it was not the thing that became Luffy's most frightening power. If we look back a little at the big war between Whitebeard and the Navy, exactly when luffy is being hunted by Mihawk. At that moment the power of luffy is nothing compared to Mihawk who has earned the title as the strongest swordsman in the World. At that time Luffy can only run and avoid Mihawk, but what makes him escape from Mihawk? that is the hidden power possessed by Luffy, it is expressed by Mihawk himself. What is its power?


When Luffy becomes Mihawk's target and the possibility of escaping too small, that's when many people around him who helped him start with mister 1 or diaz then followed by mister 0 or crocodile and end with the help of one of the commander of the pirate shirohige vizta. It was then that Mihawk realized the potential abilities of Lufffy and said, "he has the most frightening power in the entire ocean, making people around him one by one become his friend and help him."

Yep, that is true, if you look at arc dresrossa all gladiator participants who initially hostile to luffy in the end want to alliance with luffy and consider luffy as boss.

Well what do friends say? if any other opinions please comment.

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