It was He Who Caused a Great Crosstalk on Kaido's Right Stomach! Anime #9

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@zulkarnaini58 Kaido is considered the most powerful creature in the World while before whitebeard is the strongest man in the world. Although kaido is one of the most powerful people in the world, but it turns out he has been defeated as much as 18 times. It is said that the body of kaido is an immortal body because he has a very strong and hard body, but it turns out there are people who can make big cuts on his stomach, the sign of a large cross-shaped wound. Who was the one who made a big wound on the body of the kaido?


Well many predictions about to whom kaido lose, well let's start looking at one by one person who can defeat kaido and make him hurt so big.

Kaido is said to have been defeated by my garp and sengoku, while both of them do not use swords while fighting them are empty handed swords that are reliable in their right. it is unlikely that the injuries were caused by Garp and Sengoku.


Kaido has also been defeated by his shirohige rivals, according to predictions the author of shirohige became the strongest man in the world not because of his very strong right, but the power of his gura no mi is so frightening and he is very skilled at using it, someone who can use his devil fruit even to master awakening will be very scary compared to anything. If kaido had been defeated by Whitebeard chaotic might be defeated by the ability of mastery of devil fruit shirohige so scary, not because of his rights. So to tear the stomach kaido requires a tremendous haki because kaido body so strong that until he did not hurt at all after jumping from a height of 10.0000 feet from the island sky.


The possibility of kaido has also been defeated by Kong, judging by the muscular kong that is so muscular he is a fighter type empty hand with a tremendous strong haki. Even if kaido defeated by kong then does not cause major injuries to his body.


Kaido has also been defeated by Roger, Indeed the power of roger is still mysterious until now. But surely with the title of pirate king roger has an unimaginable power. But the author has not been able to predict whether the roger fights using a sword or not.


Kinjishi no Shiki, shiki is a very scary roger rival, he never ransacked Marine ford alone but after that was defeated by Garp and sengoku. Then shiki also break into Impel down alone. Very possible if kaido also had to deal with shiki. Indeed shiki fight using a sword that also exists on his feet, but the most frightening power of the shiki is not the science of pitting but the power of his devil fruit. so the scars on the body of kaido also do not seem to come from shiki.


Well so from whom does the scar do you think?

In my opinion, the scar is caused by one of the so-called picked haki strongest in the world, he is shank. Shank fights using a sword, and he has the most powerful haki compared to anyone but may not be stronger than the garp when he is young.


Then with the ability of the haki, he can tear the stomach Kaido with a sword covered by the strongest haki. The most likely possibility according to foxcautzer.

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