Family Lineage Revealed! Roronoa Zoro Hero In The Land Of Wano Replaces Ryuma! Anime #8

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Wano Kuni is a country not affiliated with the World Government. The country stands alone under its own rule. Wano Kuni is an inspired country from the Edo period in Japan. Is a country that contains samurai and ninja like the image of ancient Japan.

Of course this country is identical with Roronoa Zoro in terms of appearance and style of fighting. Seeing Zoro who always dressed like a samurai and Wano State has been touted as the House of the sword samurai and ninja, then it could be the original family of Roronoa Zoro beerasal from Wano.


In addition it is estimated that Roronoa Zoro will get a new sword in the Land of Wano. And one of his swords will play an important role to reconnect Zoro with his family.

Not only that will happen in the Land of Wano, mimin predicts that after the Shogun is conquered, Roronoa Zoro will be considered a hero in Wano and Roronoa Zoro, Ryuma, and Luffy statues will be drawn close together like the occurrences in Dressrosa, where the statues of Luffy and Usopp are made.

                              Why is that?


Because there is a story that connects Roronoa Zoro and Ryuma. In the past a Naga Buas attacked the Land of Wano, the Dragon almost destroyed the whole island.

But a man appears brave to challenge the Dragon duel. The man named Ryuma succeeds in killing the dragger dragon. For his services, the residents intend to appoint Ryuma to the Royal Crown of Wano. But Ryuma rejected the proposal and chose to travel outside Pualau.

After he was old, Ryuma returned to Wano. Apparently Wano residents still remember the greatness of Ryuma, Ryuma was appointed Hero of the State.


Ryuma is an exalted figure in the State of Wano, thanks to his pawning ability, giving him the nickname as the Greatest Hero of the Land of Wano. He is also famous as the Katana blade bearer Meito Shusui. In fact, because of Ryuma's reputation, Shusui is always taken to be considered as a State Treasure.

Because it is now held Zoro, the people of Wano State will think that Zoro is Ryuma who returned home to the country of origin and will free Wano State from the clutches of Kaido & his troops.

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