The monsters most terrifying of the animes

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Hello peoples, frst that nothing i apologize for my bad english, i am learning, and what best for of learn than practicing it. Well, i hope you like it:

Parasites (Kiseiju)


Parasites are a kind of alien organisms that came to Earth from outer space, infecting humans and taking them as hosts to mature and feeding of other humans

Titans (Shingeki no Kyojin)


They are huge humanoid creatures that can reach from 3 to 15 meters of height. They are inmortals and they feed of humans

Shinigamis (Death Note)


The Shinigami are a race of extra-dimensional beings who survive killing humans to expand their own lives.

Angels (Neon Genesis Evangelion)


They are the main antagonist of Neon Genesis Evangelion, they are progeny entities of Adam, the first Angel. Their bodies receive power from the Super Solenoid Engine engines, an unlimited source of energy found only inside these creatures. They also possess a nucleus in which their soul resides, and if this is damaged, it ends with the life of the Angel.

Gillians (Bleach)


The Gillians (Gran Hollow), although they lack intelligence and agility, they are authentic giants with the size of skyscrapers. They all look the same. Despite being weak compared to other Hollows or Menos, they have such a power that they can destroy an entire city by a tremendously powerful technique called Zero.

The Hand of God (Berserk)


It is a powerful group of five beings of aberrant appearance that can deform reality. Each corresponds to one finger of this hand. According to what those versed in the Astral Plane journey know, they were all human once but were reborn after using their Crimson Beherit and performing a proper sacrifice during the Eclipse that occurs every 216 years. In this way, they became executors of an entity that resides in the depths of the spiritual world.

Hibrid human-fish (GYO)


When the fishes with legs infect humans, they mutate into the grotesque and toxic mass they see in the image, leaving only the twisted imagination of Junji Ito

Terraformars (Terra Formars)


They are humanoid-shaped evolutionary cockroaches that live on Mars. They have enormous strength and endurance; a normal human being can not compete with them. They also seem to have some intelligence and show a natural hatred of humans.

Chiropteran (Blood+)


They are hematofagas creatures similar to a bat that live of the human blood. These beings generally possess extraordinary speed, great strength, and supernatural self-healing abilities.

Thanks so very much for read

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