DIA NO ACE: Chris Yuu Takigawa (Fanart)

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Leading the team with the aim to win. That's Chris'-senpai's style of baseball.

- this is the catch phrase that describes Chris-senpai.

Hello Steemians!!! After quite some time of not being able to draw, I decided to draw one of my favorite anime characters. As most of you already know, I super love "sports anime", and one of them is DIA NO ACE. It is a baseball anime. Although baseball is not a common sport in my country, I learned to love it because of anime and manga. I've read and watched a lot of baseball-related stuff!

Chris-senpai, the character I'm gonna show you is a "catcher". The catcher is like the "head of the game". Of course, every baseball player is important. However, in my opinion, the catcher plays a really vital role in the game. Yes, pitchers are important but if the pitcher doesn't have a capable catcher, I wonder what will happen to the game.

Oops... sorry~ I'm blabbing about baseball.. I just love it.. xD So, yeah... Here it is... ^^

Chris Yuu Takigawa


The Process

Sketching time!!!


Inking time!!!


Let's erase the primary sketch ^^


My favorite part... Coloring!!!





Attaching Steemit username


Other Angles... ^^



Bonus gif


I'm so happy that I was able to draw again tonight. I hope you guys like it... ^^
It's past midnight now, so I'm hitting the sack soon!

Thanks a lot for dropping by!
Love lots, @tegoshei


So handsome! I can alost hear his voice...lol

Ohh sis... his voice is also very handsome!! hihihi ^^

good job its quite nice how long did it take you to completely make it?
moreover is that the anime with the throw that can destroy earth? :P or it's another one

Thank you!!! Almost two hours... hihihi... I was chatting with someone while drawing, so I was a bit slow.. lol.. xD Hahaha... I love how you describe it!! And yeah... It's Furuya, throws the hardest fastball in the series.. such a relaxing sound when it;s caught in the catcher's mitt.. lol.. xD

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the art has been great

Nice drawing shei

Thank you, Chamu ^^

yes.... nice drawing :)

Thank you!^^

Nice photos, please see my profile and follow back :)