Weekly Anime Art Feature • Tuesday, April 17, 2018

in #anime2 years ago (edited)

SS3 Goku

@ emanuelmedina

Our feature this week is an extreme perspective view of Super Saiyan 3 Goku. We really like the hair curving and the pose Goku takes. It's a very common charging pose Goku exhibits when facing an anime. Inspirational writing also accompanies the image. Go check out the drawing.

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We had many people post their anime art to stateofthearts its always hard to pick who we will feature but we appreciate all those who participated and look forward to next weeks post. Anime is a unique art style that many of us at stateofthearts enjoy and we love to see more and more artist tagging it to the feed.


A lot of people don't like SS3 Goku design. Personally I the design for SS3 Goku the hair is the coolest in my opinion.

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