The cute anime girl

in anime •  10 months ago

About two weeks ago I drew this cute anime girl as my first drawing experience the lines with drawing tablet in Illustrator. The result was very good and I worked on coloring in Photoshop. I was so interested about this anime girl because as my first expereince was very beautiful, so I used it as my phone background for two weeks and I fell in love with her so much!

sekvu min 2.jpg

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What a pretty girl, she has a shy face. I would like to learn to make drawings like this.


Thanks :D I sure you can also draw like this, I drew the lines in Illustrator (I tried drawing lines in Photoshop but in Illustrator is so comfortable) and if you want, I even can send the svg file of the lines to you. Then you will have an idea about the work. and also psd file :)

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