Review of the first chapter of "The God High School"

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"The God of HighSchool" the new original crunchyroll based on the webtoon series of the same name, written and illustrated by Yongje Park

G.O.H brings us its protagonist: Jin Mori, who is invited to participate in a tournament called "God of High School" along with many other exceptional fighters from around the world.

Regarding this first chapter (and as a reader of the webtoon) I have to say that it left an excellent first impression on me, the essence of the work was captured perfectly.

The animation and soundtrack were outstanding, without a doubt this anime will be one of the best of the year in terms of technical quality.

If you are looking for incredible fights, martial arts, insane powers, plus great animation and soundtrack, you should give this anime a shot.

Really an anime that leaves you satisfied in terms of fight animation, maybe some things will not be covered because it is only 13 chapters, but they certainly did a great job.

Good balance of battles and character development, perhaps the story of the bad guys was the only one that in my opinion they have not been able to cover as they should.

"If you have seen the first chapter of this anime series, leave your comment "



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