¡Hi, I'm back again!

in #anime2 years ago

I really haven't been able to upload anything as I've had very serious problems with the internet and I have months with my cell phone damaged, so for now I'm from a borrowed laptop. My home's internet is damaged so I'm uploading all this from a friend's house. I really apologize for the great delay that all this has given me... But today I finally leave you my first digital job completely finished. A couple of months ago I had finished it but as I already mentioned, I haven't had internet...

I had mainly colored the character of a yellow, but the character is originally golden. Of course, it's Golden Freezer, it has to be gold, so I edited it and changed the yellow for gold. I hope you like it, it's quite simple but I really liked this drawing, because I love this character.

Golden Freezer.jpg

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