Ash's current Pokemon Lineup in Galar region

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Well! I finally caught up with the latest episode of Pokemon 2019 (Galar Region) and for the first time since Pokemon started (~23 years mpw?) this is honestly the first time where I see Ash becoming a 'true' Pokemon Master.

Even though Ash is already somewhat considered a Pokemon Master after winning Alola's first Pokemon league, his win at that region is honestly not that impressive.

I'm probably in the minority here but I just would love to think that the Alola arc is a one big filler of a season. A filler season which unfortunately lasted for 2-3 years. T_T Everything about it from the artstyle, to the new concept is not really to my liking but despite that I still continued watching this series. XD

Anyways, what I love about this current season is the Ash's current Pokemon lineup.

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First, there's his buddy PIKACHU. If this was the same as in the game, with Pikachu on Ash's side since the first season it's level is probably in the 99+ now.

Then there is DRAGONITE. Ash's first DRAGON TYPE caught in it's FULLY EVOLVED FORM. Not to mention, DRAGONITES are considered pseudo-legendaries. In the games, most Pokemon league master or members of the Elite 4 has dragonite on their team. That's how strong Dragonites are.

And another POKEMON in it's FULLY EVOLVED FORM as his third POKEMON on this region, the ghost pokemon GENGAR. I remember when I was still playing the early versions of Pokemon, I have DRAGONITE and GENGAR on my team so it was nice to watch Ash's current lineup to be the same as most fans of Pokemon.

Last but not the least, the egg that Ash received on a Day Care Center turns out to be a Riolu, the aura Pokemon. While it's not a legendary nor a fully-evolved one, Lucario, it's evolved form is one of the most rare and it's mega form has one of the highest stats in the games.

So unlike from the previous seasons where Ash mostly only uses unevolved pokemons (and somehow still wins) in his battles, this current season gives the feeling of Ash really becoming a World Champion.

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