Anime fights: Superpowered individuals

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Hello steemians, today I am starting an anime series focused on two enemies duking it out to decide a winner. But this will not be a competition about deciding who can defeat who in a battle. No, rather than that I am gonna pit them to decide who wins in other, more interesting, ways.
The first topic is Super-powered individuals.
Yes for this anime fight we are going to see who can use their superpowers the best.

On the left corner is the amazing fighter from China, known as the Black Reaper or BK-201. His name is Hei:


On the other corner stands the pink beauty who will melt you all. Her name is Mina Ashido:


And today's competition focuses entirely on the peaceful applications of their powers. Lets for now pretend that all conflict has been solved and their only way to use their powers is in the peaceful endeavors.

First we should look at what kind of effects their powers produce.
The first of the contestants is able to alter particles on the quantum level and that is obviously amazing, but ultimately in the anime he mostly uses it to create electricity. So from the start we can see two ways for his power to benefit society. Depending on how powerful he can make the discharge he can use it to power cities. A subtler approach would have him work in science, his ability to affect the nature on a such fundamental level would without doubt tell us a lot about the nature of reality.

The second of the contestants doesn't have such a subtle power, she can produce corrosive liquid from her body. It is a fairly straight forward power and the straight forward answer would have her working producing the liquid for various chemical applications. Depending on how corrosive she could make it, it can become quite useful.

The straight forward answers have them competing with each other pretty well. Both having industrial applications. But ultimately I would give this round to Hei, since his ability to contribute to sciences gives him the edge.

Lets now go for the less obvious uses of their powers.
It is pretty hard with figuring Hei's power, since his power description is so vague. On one hand it is pretty amazing, on the other all the uses are pure speculations. Altering the particles on the quantum level can mean a lot of things. It can be a great boon, or it could be even dangerous. Ultimately I cannot declare any uses without way to much speculation that has no basis in the cannon material.

Mina on the other hand can use her powers for find and rescue missions. Having ability to dissolve debris could be quite invaluable. There are obviously other industrial and other uses for dissolving things, so she gets this round. Ultimately she is much better straight forward contestant, who can get various practical uses for her power.
On the other hand Hei is much more subtle contestant, his most useful contribution is that he can help quantum science research.

So it ultimately comes down to what you prefer practical industrial applications or scientific advancement.
Upon some deliberation I have decided to go with scientific advancement, because in the end that would lead to most benefit to society and thus the winner is:

Hei from Darker than Black

What do you think about this fight? Do you have anything to say, be sure to comment and tell me how wrong I am.