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Hey very good to all, the ghibli studio is probably the most famous Japanese animation studio worldwide since its films are the best in terms of animation, these three are some of the best

Grave of the Fireflies: this could be the saddest and toughest movie of the studio, it takes place in Japan during the Second World War and in it we can see how the horrors of war were lived. the plot follows a couple of children who survive one of the atomic bomb attacks and try to keep going THE JOURNEY OF CHIHIRO: this is my favorite of the studio and I think that the first anime movie that I saw, is about a girl who enters the spiritual world and finds herself with all kinds of Japanese folklore creatures. the animation is very good and the story captivating THE PRINCESS MONONOKE: this has a story with a great message about the interaction between humans and nature, has exciting action scenes and pretty good characters and colorful although this is not as famous as the journey of chihiro yet is at the same level As for quality do not forget to leave your vote if you liked it and comment that you thought, greetings ~
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