Terra Formars Anime Review

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Wow 3 days have passed since i said i will post everyday :P but but but i have two reasons for my recent absence! First of all, i had to catch up with my friends so i was mostly all day out drinking coffees and sharing our vacation experiences. Also, because i had no internet in my village, when i came back i had a couple of episodes from anime and series i currently watch waiting for me so i had no time to spare! Doing some quick math i may have seen around 35 episodes in total....

This is suppose to be an anime review though so let's begin!


General Info

Terraformars or Terra Formars is a Horror Sci-Fi anime with tons of action and gruesome scenes that premiered during 2014. Season 1 has 13 episodes of 24 minutes each and 2 years after, season 2 came out with the exact same number of episodes so in total we have 26 episodes. They have also made a 2 episodes OVA during 2014 and another one was expected to be released half a month ago but i haven't seen it out yet (maybe i should search more?)

The name of the anime is like saying''Terror for-from Mars" so i guess that was a little trick made from the artist!


The story revolves around 26th century where society face a virus problem that's killing people and are unable to do anything to stop or prevent it. 500 years ago they made an experiment in order to make Mars a habitable planet and sent 2 species that were suppose to endure the environment circumstances. One of them was algae and the other one was something that literally everyone hates and it is no other than the cockroaches!

Let's add a little bit of Japanese magic and...... boom

Yep that's a cockroach, but not an ordinary one, somehow they EVOLVED 

Because of what happened the scientists believe that the virus came from Mars so the cure should be there too. They previously sent people there but none returned alive so now they made better preparations and are ready to sent 100 men and women in the planet. This time something is different though... 

All the members have undergo a specific surgery which genetically modifies and enhances their bodies giving them traits or special abilities of living organisms primarily from insects but from animals,fishes etc etc. When they gain a special drug they unlock those powers, transform partially and increase their powers and skills. 

Should You Watch It & Why?

This isn't an anime that has the super plot nor is something extremely clever that you can't expect what's gonna happen next. It's just an anime to pass your time and is recommended to people that hate cockroaches as much as i do. You gonna see a lot of them die in a horrible and gruesome way.

The fight scenes are quite good and get ready for a bunch of them as it's basically the main dish of the anime. They go to another planet to face the evolved cockroaches and that's pretty much everything! To add a little bit of something some of the cockroaches show some signs of intelligence so they are stronger that the usual ones and some human to human fights is a thing too.


Also in order to get attached both with the characters and generally the anime and as there is no time for fillers and full episodes with the backstories of the characters, in most of the episodes you gonna see somewhat of a backstory, or more likely a reason as to why some of the characters chose to take part in all this. Another funny thing is that the 100 people are divided to 4 groups based on countries so in the first episodes we see how the Asian are doing, the Americans, the Europeans and the Russians.  

Finally, the second season is the continuation of the first one so don't expect for something completely new but let me tell you that the end of the anime shows that it has more and we can wait for a third season. Whatever the case may be the manga is still ongoing. 

Season 1 Rating

Myanimelist: 7.13/10

Mine: 7.1/10

Season 2 Rating

Myanimelist: 6.86/10

Mine: 7/10

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Horror-Sci Fi? Well color me interested lol

Will put this in my now very long list of shows to watch

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and possibly till the time you watch it, it will be completed!

from roaches to brock lesnar?! 😆
japanese animes always so creative!


hahahaha! every time i get surprised by their creativity :P