[ANIME REVIEW] DRAGONBALL SUPER : The Challenge From Another Planet!! [Eng] #15

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Hello anime fans and steemian, back again with me @erjaoktafian will always keep discussing about dragonball super anime story and few days ago I did not have time to post because there is a busyness, so let's continue again now.
In the previous episode, goku that surpassed the gods level and the god of destruction, their battle is very powerful. Then after the fight ends, as he promised, beerus will destroy the earth, but his lazy lifestyle impact on his body condition and make him have reached his limit. Then the earth finally survived the destruction.

After going through a fierce battle and the earth is threatened, finally the earth back safe. When goku and chi-chi are at breakfast, Goku begs chi-chi to go to rehearse to the north kaio planet again because the goku is feeling well and wants more practice to be strong like beerus.
But chi-chi does not allow goku to go practice, because gohan will have a child and she doesn't want his grandson to know that his grandfather is a fighting hobby. Goku must be diligent to work hard and can be a grandfather who can be respected by his grandchildren later.

Gohan knows that videl wants to prepare food, suddenly gohan wake up and straight from the seat and does not allow videl cook. Gohan told videl to rest and let him cook. Gohan is very worried about the videl was pregnant with his son is very guarding his wife, gohan trying to talking with the baby in the womb videl to keep his mother during his father cooking. Really romantic guys !! .. hehehe

In other place, Satan held a press conference related to a mysterious event that attacked the earth or we know that the incident is the arrival the god of destruction wants to obliterate the earth and fight against goku.
The inhabitants of the earth know only that satan is saving the earth from destruction because he is considered a hero and they are all gathered to know the truth about it. Then satan with his lie reveals if the incident that happened was act the god of destruction.
Those who are assembled are confused whether the god of destruction in question is the real god? .. Satan explains that it is a cruel and destructive deity attack that he will destroy the planet in the universe.
Here Satan shows her heroic figure and he reveals that he wants to stop it immediately by approaching the god of destruction . Satan said that he fought against the god of destruction and from the aura of the god appeared a vicious aura of evil was very unusual, but he did not hesitate to fight it and suddenly appeared powerful force into the body of Satan that turned it looks like super saiya and assume that he became god. I think it's a silly joke and that's mr. Satan with all his lies for the sake of popularity.

But at the same time, a bright light is approaching where the satan event takes place and who is coming?..
Then the light is ufo and landed in front of satan, then came the extraterrestrials from within the ufo and it turns out they are creatures from the planet sunaku. The ambassador of the planet hears that there are people on planet Earth managed to defeat the god of destruction and ask who is the hero? .. Satan proudly informs me if he succeeds in defeating the god of destruction and the creature of the planet sunaku awarded a medal hero.

At the time the ambassador of the planets sunaku want to give the medal, the figure of a sunaku planet creature named garbi disagreed with the award and according to him before fighting the hero, they can't determine a new hero, if satan is a real hero and very easy for him to show their strength to them.
Hearing that, the ambassadors of planet sunaku have one request and what is the request? .. ambassador wants to see satan fighting with garbi is the hero of the planet sunaku. Satan is starting to feel frightened at the request and there's no way he can fight garbi because we know if satan is a weak person.
Then Satan makes excuses if he still feels exhausted after fighting against the god of destruction and if he retreats, his good name will be destroyed. Then satan has another reason that pretended to be a stomachache and immediately run to the toilet, arrived in the toilet he tried to call gohan. But what happens next guys? .. is it gohan that will fight against garbi? ..

It turns out that gohan did not pick up the phone from Satan because he was cooking, then what satan himself will face garbi? .. is he able to fight it? ..
By the time he returns to the field and the ambassador has prepared the arena of fighting, ultimately satan himself must face garbi, satan increasingly worried if he lost then his reputation as a hero of the earth will be destroyed. Above the arena, satan keeps warming up before the fight hopes among the audience there is goku or vegeta, if not the krilin or green creature (picollo) and the last hope there are goten or trunks, but that is expected not to also appear.

From a long distance, Satan heard the sound of goku that gave him the spirit and it was like the help of the god if his hope came true. Satan says if goku comes at the right moment, Satan asks goku to replace him against garbi. Goku agrees to Satan's request because he feels stiff if he does not practice, so he tries for a moment.
But before the fight, suddenly goku heard the chi-chi sound from a long distance and goku directly approached satan and said he must run to the sky, this is a critical situation and goku ask satan to hit him. So who will fight against garbi after goku escape from the arena? ..

Garbi can't wait to fight then go first approaching satan, battle at start and satan just dodge it. The audience who watched the fight saw why satan did not attack and whether satan was frightened? .. heard of it, satan did not want his good name destroyed and tried to venture to fight garbi. What happens next?

Unexpected things happen guys and when the battle progresses, garbi sees a dog that frightened him and escaped leaving the arena. Then the ambassador of sunaku planet and his partner were also terrified after seeing the pet dog satan and immediately left the earth. finally satan won the battle and really luck for satan because his good name is maintained.

Satan takes pride in his victory and then tells the entire inhabitant of the earth sees him when he gains god power. in other place, Goku sees chi-chi so angry with him for having seen him in the fighting arena and not going to work, this is an emergency situation because he does not seem to be able to go home.
In this episode there are no fight scenes and many tell about satan only, chances are in the next story will be more interesting guys.
Okay guys, that's all the discussion for dragonball super episode 15, keep following the next episode. For the steemians and fans of this anime thank you very much for following this discussion.
Hopefully you guys like it and want to know the next story.
Do not forget to follow @erjaoktafian and upvote each of my posts, give your suggestions and comments always because it can all add to the motivation for me to keep excited in sharing an interesting anime story.
Success for all of you, See you.

For you guys are watching the series, can click here: [SUB-ENG] & [SUB-IND] 

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