Inter-species Reviewers – This Was Suppose to be a Fun Novelty, Not an Actual Good Show.

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It's a show about a small group of guys (and an angel who apparently has both a penis and vagina) go around reviewing brothels. No, it's not quite hentai. I say quite because it falls into the 'HBO Skin flick' category. There is nudity and implied sex, depending on if you saw the show uncensored depends on how much you see, but never really crosses into just being porn. But yeah, definitely an MA rating. You here about a show like this, and you think you're going to get some base and crude jokes, some shock value, laugh a bit, and then move on with your day and not likely look back.

Following around the adventurers' Stunk, a human adventurer who left behind his noble life, and an elf with some pretty strong magic named Zel. After saving an angel who lost his powers when his halo broke, they form a group that reviews brothels, where they spend most of their adventuring money. Stunk and Zel are the only constants at every brothel, with the Angel Crim being at all but two or three. There is regularly a fourth that comes along with them as well, there are a few it rotates between. And now you have the entire premise of the show.


The thing is though, they put a lot more thought into the jokes than I ever would have anticipated. See, the world is full of all sorts of different species, hence the name of the show and the jokes mostly revolve around how each person sees the other species in the brothels, and how different species themed brothels actually operate. Efreets, for example, give off an excessive amount of heat, so actual sex isn't even possible for most people to survive. So there is kind of 'Cook food of her and eat' kind of deal, though only Crim, being an angel he has a lot of fire resistance, is even able to do anything beyond that. There are so many different brothels with so many different rules and aspects to them, the jokes and settings here are not just something that rolled off the top of their heads, whoever wrote this took some time actually think out how all of this would work, at times in great detail.

To avoid just spoiling jokes for you, the show does have more to offer than just it's comedy. That being how well all the characters work together, both the main three and any side character that comes along. There is the one uniting factory, and that is they are all perverts to one degree or another. And with the exception of Crim, who was basically corrupted by Stunk and Zel, they are all pretty much just okay with that, and only one character in the show seems to get on their case for it. It's oddly refreshing that a show can just be perverted like that.


Back to the characters though, at times it almost feels like a group of friends getting together to play a game of dungeons and dragons. Plenty of silly arguments, yet whenever the chips are down they are able to come together and progress. Only instead of slaying dragons and traversing dungeons, they bring along the halfling rogue to a Golem Brothel where you assemble your own prostitute from a variety of parts (Or select a pre-built model) and, because none are creative in that regard, the halfling builds everyone their own sex doll. But not just any sex doll, it's far more devious than that. But I will avoid spoiling the joke for anyone who hasn't seen the show yet.

There are minor elements of a greater story being built up for the first season, though not much. However, I'm kind of interested in what's to come. There is a build-up of the Demon Party throughout the season, a bit of backstory about Stunk leaving his Noble life to be an adventurer, and hits as to why Crim's Halo still isn't healing preventing him from returning to heaven. While not much of these things get a lot of time, a lot of them have my interest all the same. And I'm interested in part because I really like the cast, and I feel that as characters there is a lot to learn about them. All that said there isn't really a solid plot that gets paid off throughout this season, so if you care a lot about that you'll be a bit disappointed.


The biggest critique I have is while most of the humor is really great, there are a few times there seem to be some pretty bad internet memes thrown in. Not that the memes can't be funny, but it's usually pretty cringy to see them in a paid production. We get an 'All Women are Queens' and a 'Wizard means 30-year-old virgin' joke, for example, that just falls flat. Thankfully there are very few and far between.

It feels weird that I like the show so much, I am going to be shocked if it's not in my top ten of the year. For a show with such a goofy premise, there is a lot of thought and effort put into crafting it. It's given a great cast, a lot of interesting races, as well as jokes and observations that were far more clever than the show ever needed to be. If you don't mind pervy humor and are fine with watching borderline porn, give the show a watch. It's worth the time, and I really want this to have a second season.

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