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Ordinarily, I would have already been through this seasonal list but because I decided to add new shows to my watch list a bit late in the game I felt the need to make this list so as not to miss the opportunity to promote 3 new show I saw potential in. Well that’s the story behind this post and with that clear, let’s roll!

1. Kono Oto Tomare! (Stop This Sound!)

Genres: Music, Drama, School, Shounen

Studio: Platinum Vision

I am starting this list with the show I initially dropped. Yes, I dropped this show on its first episode a month or two ago because it felt like it has nothing much to offer but boy was I about to make one of the biggest blunder there, good thing I saw the show climbing its way up the anime trending charts which revitalized my curiosity for it.


Well I think I need to tell you guys why I dropped this show on my initial try. First there is this glasses dude named Takezo who infuriated me that time, not only he is a pushover he is also an annoying character that does nothing but take it out on the guy who just literally just saved his sorry arse time and time again. Then there is the other guy who always does the saving Chika who can’t even give a fuck to explain why he is doing things which lead to a lot of misunderstandings that could have been averted had these dudes really just talk more clearly about their reasoning. Well that is a part of my reason and the other is that I felt like the show will turn yaoi at some point, you’ll understand when you watch the first episode, it gives off a strong vibe especially near the end.

Now for the redemption arc lol. I never got past the first episode on my first try but as I mentioned above, I gave it a shot again after seeing many positive remarks thrown at it and after watching the second episode I already understood why this received such praises, or to be more precise I felt like I finally understood where this show is going. The second episode introduced the third MC, Satowa who completely changed the name of the game (her presence also broke the yaoi vibe I felt brewing up). I have been a long standing fan of clubs aiming for nationals kind of show and to be honest this show strongly reminds me of Hibike! Euphonium (Sound! Euphonium) with a mix of Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April) for their stellar musical performances so that is another big reason why I can’t pass up on this one. I have no idea that an instrument called koto exists before watching this show but that doesn’t hinder the enjoyment and excitement I felt when they played together in front of a hateful crowd on episode 5 and from that point on I have decided that this show deserves to be on my list and this was the main reason why I wrote this article to begin with.


Majority of the cast introduced so far started off with a bad impression but this is actually one of the show’s strong point because it was able to turn almost all of those hated characters into ones that people would root for, especially the character of Hiro that garnered too much animosity in the community the first time she was introduced, myself included of course. She was introduced as the type that likes to break friendships just because she feels like it but in a span of 2 episodes after her introduction she has already redeemed herself not just because her actions were given justifications but because she coupled her repentance with actions and now she is one of the key components of the group that keeps it together. Heck even the unmotivated bum of a club adviser that they got also started to look like he has a decent side to him lately.

Another part of the show I liked is the bro-tiful friendship that Chika shares with his three stooges of a friend and his cool side kick. They are all trying so hard for the sake of Chika because they know full well what kind of a person he really is and it always hits the mark whenever these people raise each other up during difficult times. The interactions between Chika and Satowa also give fans of romance a mighty ship ready to sail the seven seas, S.S. Takezo and Hiro doesn’t seem so out of reach as of writing too.

Well that is all about I could say about this show, it hits strong in the feels department but hits harder in the hype when they play together, the sound they produce is just so good and the enjoyment that the characters display when they are playing courses through the audience making their performance even more meaningful and beautiful. The character development are also worthy of praise and the opening is also of a good quality, too bad was not able to put it in the op list because I started way too late on this show.


2. Sarazanmai

Genres: Action, Fantasy, Supernatural

Studio: MAPPA, Lapin Track

Next level of weirdness is an understatement when used to describe this show. The first episode got me thinking “why am I watching this again?” but there is also a side of me that wants to see more of this highly potent acid trip of a show. This show has the animation that is similar to that of Monogatari series, a wacky flow of events that goes from weird to so fucking weird in a snap just like FLCL, repetitive animations that are oddly satisfying enough that they don’t bore me even after seeing them a lot of times now, heck I still laugh a lot whenever the otter dance of the two cops plays out, the character progression for this show has been so good yet so bad at the same time that I came to like and hate a character in the same episode or vice versa but most of all, the randomness of this show doesn’t allow me to predict what is in store for me making me anticipate for what the next episode will bring forth, this show is the only one that has this effect on me this season and that is something I will welcome with open arms anytime.


The use of an unorthodox formula for this show is a double edged blade that will make the viewers either run away from it by grossing them out or make the viewers strangely addicted to this stuff like it is one of the best anime to ever grace us and I think I am the latter kind of person. The show’s main trio are middle school students that transforms into Kappa… okay, not that weird since Kappas have been used numerous times in anime already next… they transform into their Kappa form by having this stuff called Shirikodama sucked out of them from their asshole…well now that’s weird, anything else? Well after transforming they now proceed to confront beings called Kappa zombies that are the incarnation of a human’s desire… sounds normal for an anime show to me, proceed. Then to defeat the Kappa zombies they have to go through their asshole and get their Shirikodama and pass it into the Kappa prince, Keppi. However before passing it to Keppi one of them has to take the Shirikodama into themselves to preserve it but by doing so their secrets/desires are laid bare to the other two and that is where the weirdness reaches a level that shouldn’t be possible, you’ll understand once you get to the end of the show’s first episode. Well, I really have no other idea how to promote this show but rest assured that you are in for a one of a kind experience when you decide to give this one a try.


PS. The opening is dang kickass but the ending does not let up either, its sound expresses a myriad of emotions that “connects” the show to me, man, the peggies are really on a roll now.

3. Miru Tights

Genres: Ecchi, School

Studio: Yokohama Animation Lab

There are tights in it… and a lot of tights, some thighs, then some tights again. That’s all about it and it only runs for 4 minutes so it is the best anime to watch when on the go. Watch it in public then you are guaranteed to garner the attention of a lot of people, who knows maybe you will get to meet new kindred spirits because of it? Who knows?


Nah seriously I am just half joking when I included this one in here but you know, I am always trying to reach out to the men of culture out there, anybody who shares the same passion as me? None? Well shit I just publicly executed my image once again… But you know you can’t lose something that isn’t there anymore right? So maybe I really stood nothing to lose on this one lol.

Here, have more tights. They're on me so go get your fill.


Well that’s all for this seasonal list. I don’t know what to do after this because I am still not done with Bakuman because procrastination is thing you know? Anyway I will be sure to bring something again next week so be sure to stay tuned and that’s all from me this week. Well than see you again next time!



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