Curator Appreciation Post - want to be one yourself?

in #anime2 years ago

I (@lennstar) want to have a big shout out to those people that are doing essential work for @akibasteem - the curators @eaudebla and @veryspider

I would give you a headpat if I could, but since I can't, just bath in our sincere thanks for your work! Oh, and 10 SBI shares each (and to @akibasteem) from me.

This is especially true since both curators are busy with other stuff, too. And of course the problem remains that there is not that much good stuff about anime and manga on the blockchain.

However this is no reason to give up hope. If anime has tought us anything, than that a Happy End needs a hard to beat enemy right?

If you have any good ideas to beat this enemy, feel free to post them in the comments.

And if you want to help by curating, don't hesitate to show yourself either! The more the merrier!

You can get to our discord by using this link:


A big thank you to all curators from Maid-chan! It is hard to have to endure so much human inability!

A personal note: I will keep my delegation of 1000SP to @akibasteem so that we have at least a bit of money to give. But of course it would be better if there was more SP behind the account.

If you know someone who would help by delegating please ask them. Also don't forget to upvote akibasteem, that is possible for the curation comments, too. If you think your vote is too small, you can upvote after SBI has voted on the comment (they do this if the account has not made a post for 7 days).
And of course you can vote for the post that was curated ;)

2nd note: Because of new job and moving, I will basically not be available for June.

help us make anime tag an awesome and thriving tag on steemit, people !!!!

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