4 This Stance Becomes Minato's Mainstay, Everything Narotes Naruto, Except This One!

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Hi naruto anime lovers friend. Meet with us who never tire of revealing all about your favorite anime. In this month of ramadhan hopefully you are given a smooth in fasting yes. At this time we will discuss about minato mainstay. Everything is inherited by naruto, except this one

Minato hatches the fourth hokage after hiruzen. Where minato had to give up his life and also kushina to save Konoha from the raging kyubi who was then summoned by tobi. Because at that time, the kushina seal was weak because it gave birth to naruto. And in the end they both died.

His minato service is indeed great against Konoha. No exception about the moment that became the mainstay minato.

Hiraishin no jutsu


This jutsu allows users to move temat in an instant just by using kunai. So if the kunai is already marked by minato, then wherever the kunai is located. Minato can move places in an instant



The original creation moves from this minato become a mainstay because it has tremendous destructive power. This rasengan is a wind element.

Kuchiyose no jutsu


This animal calling stance is a mainstay of many ninja. Users must have a contract with the animal. Minato has animal frog calling gamabunta

Kunai Kagebunshin no jutsu


This move is only shown in the movie only. Where minato can double his hiraishin kunai into a thousand pieces. It can be moved a lot



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