The Answer: a short animation about the folly of crypto youth

in #animation4 years ago


Remember when EOS was just a rumour and a glimmer in the crypto world's eye?

Oh how we all thought Dan was going to make us rich with his new project!!

Alas, he just made himself and a few others rich.

Oh well. At least at the time it inspired a bit of Douglas Adams style animation.



Glad to see you doing these again. I sold half of my EOS about 6 months ago.

After following Dan’s projects for many years (and disliking Bitcoin) I’m suddenly turning into. Bitcoin maximalist! Go figure.

You know, I am doing the same. I had a wodge of them and sold about 3/4. I used to totally believe in DAn's projects but looking back and reading some stuff about EOS makes me think twice now. I am holding the remainder I have on the off chance of a pump!

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Aw, thats smashing Thank you!

You’re a gentleman and a scholar!

I have had some incredible good fortune in the Crypto markets so I’m just giving back

You, sir, are a hoopy frood indeed.

Such froodishness is the only way! Would you like to see my spaceship?

Most certainly, but kindly don't spring any surprises on me like a second head or third arm.

Crypto for the youth is like a different realm, they rather do a job than jump into crpto and educate themseleves.

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