El Corpus Christi En Sevilla - Symphonos 2018 | Diego Valero

in #animation2 years ago

Animación realizada para la pieza "El Corpus Christi en Sevilla, (Iberia, III)" por Albéniz, proyectada en el festival de música Symphonos 2018, organizado por la Asociación Entorno Conde Duque en Madrid, España.

Animation for the piece "El Corpus Christi en Sevilla, (Iberia, III)" by Albéniz, projected at the Symphonos 2018 music festival, organized by the Asociación Entorno Conde Duque in Madrid, Spain.


Very nice animation! A small piece of advice for you, if you start tagging your Spanish content with the tag "spanish", your visibility would probably be a lot higher. There is a Spanish tribe, Hispano Hablantes, at www.spanish-tribe.com with their own token, SPACO, here's the link to the discord server: https://discord.gg/8aJU39T

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