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Good morning dear Steemies,
I'm in Székesfehérvár at the moment, but I'm going to travel back to Kunszentmiklós this afternoon. Browsing in my archives, I found some really cute photos that was taken long ago, when my son was about ten and we frequently visited a mini-zoo or rather a farm near Székesfehérvár, with various animals. I remember the days when I studied multimedia and learnt for the exams there - it was so calm and beautiful and nobody disturbed me.

A baby-deer:

Képernyőkép – 2018-10-13 15-52-41.png

Tiny hamster held by my son:


An old white pony:


Guinea pig in my son's hands:


#animalsunday by @homeartpictures

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Képernyőkép – 2018-09-07 20-08-27.png

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