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First, there were turquoises, then proofs are mounting that it could be a blue type2, then there is also the orange-fronted turquoise in the aviary of Wicus Van Der Merwe, and now enter what looks like a true yellowface.

Threerapat Sriyamwong of Thailand posted these pictures in social media and apparently it came from Australia. He also mentioned that he is going to fly to Australia for these birds.

These yellowfaces is what they really look like a - yellowface. According to initial findings of Threerapat Sriyamwong, the phenotype is proven to be inherited and it is incomplete dominant.

The single factor (SF)yellowface still have some faint trace of red coloration in the face and neck but the double factor (DF) gives the bright yellowface that looks stunning in the green series.

There are no blue series yet that were produced according to Threerapat Sriyamwong. They are still in the process of combining it on other color genes.

Right now I am trying to extract more information from Threerapat Sriyamwong about his friend who he always mentions as one of the those who is in the know.

We can hypothesize that this might be similar to the goldenface in the budgerigar where there is also the SF and DF birds and also inherits incomplete dominant, but we still have to wait if this phenotype appears in the blue series. This means that it is all speculation right now.

Although initial results point to an inherited phenotype, we can only be certain after a lot of test breeding and documentation is done. As of now, if these birds continue to proliferate, this yellowface phenotype will surely add a lot of excitement to the international Agapornis community. :)

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