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RE: Tazewell County, VA: "The Adventure Tourism Capital of the Appalachians" (WARNING: Tourists May Want to Keep Their Pets Far, Far Away From Here)

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@arrelaine13 told me this story the other day and my response was to ask her what third world hellhole this happened in. I should've known better than to ask.

I get that people have the right to protect their livestock, property, pets, etc. However, if someone breaks into your house and you shoot them because you were startled awake and your mind is filled with horrors of what could happen to your family, that's one thing.

If the guy that breaks into your house is unarmed, flees when he sees someone is home, tries to start his car in your driveway and the car won't start... you don't get to calmly get your gun, put on your favorite slippers, walk outside, knock on his window, and execute him in his car. He's committed a crime, but you aren't in imminent danger. You call the police.

I don't get how this isn't the same obvious difference. The dog wasn't chasing down one of his chickens, or sitting there with a chicken in his mouth. He was incapacitated in a trap. He wasn't going to harm anyone or anything. Call animal control, or let this helpful neighbor carefully release it and transport it to a shelter when they offer.

As for the vet, I don't really believe them either. This is a vet, no doubt, that is contracted to do work for the government. They aren't going to rock the boat and lose their contract renewal (or worse) when it comes up again. They're going to engage in the same circle jerk every other government official here continually participates in and say exactly what would be in their best financial interest to say.

What a shame. Again.


As always, you said it well. That is a great analogy and I think it's spot-on. As for that veterinarian, VCAL submitted a FOIA request for the RFP she has with the county, and there isn't one. Even though for work at the shelter alone--not counting the emergency animal control calls she charged for--she was paid almost $10,000 by the county in 2016. So there is, or at least was, no binding contract. "Circle-jerk" is the very best way to describe it.