What a life. Are you THAT person who shuts off their brain once you hear the word VEGAN?

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One of us devours MEAT on a daily basis and one of us transitioned from vegetarian to vegan.
Maybe it's all about balance?

COMMENT your Steemit name if you answer YES to any of these questions.

Are you in love with meat? (YES/NO)
Do you have theee biggest heart of compassion for animals but still eat meat? (YES/NO)
Are you vegan and have a carnivorous BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND? (YES/NO)
Do you have theee biggest "No fucks given here." face when it comes to anything slightly vegan? (YES/NO)
Are you a hipster getting in on that "vegan trend"? (YES/NO)
Are you a vegetarian and absolutely love eating your DAIRY and cannot give it up? (YES/NO)
Do you love sex? (YES/NO)
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I see cat, I bark.