TOP 6 - Most Dangerous Animals

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These are the animals who attacked and killed the most people this year.

6) The Box Jellyfish

These things kill more people in a year than sharks, bears and killer bees combined! The place where jellyfish kill the most aren't always known, so we don't have the exact number of people killed. From the deaths recorded, we count 100 kills a year.


Jellyfish tentacles are covered in poison filled cells and are like darts that shoot toxin in your body (veins) and can make your heart stop in 2 minutes.

This animal is also called the sucker punch of the sea because it's basiclly invisible and you can't tell you've been stung untile the poisons already in you.

5) Elephants

These huge animals kill 500 people a year.

African elephants are the largest mammals on earth. Even if elephants are heavy, they can run at 15 miles an hour. To give you an idea the average human can only run at 8 miles an hour.

They can easily trample you with their 15 000 pounds. Or they can gorge you with their jaws that can grow up to 7 feet long.

You might say, hey @top6 : Why are elephants killing people? Aren't they eating plants or something? Well, human constantly approach elephant territory, pushing elephants into smaller and smaller areas. Elephants, mistakenly wander into villages, looking for food and people try to make them leave by confronting them. Obviously, the elephants start to attack/charge at that point.

4) Crocodile

2 500 kills a year.
Crocodiles can run at 11 miles per hours. They can swin at 20 miles an hour. The best swimmers can barely swim at 4 miles an hour. That explain why these animals have 5 times more kills than #5. Oh, and also, they can climb trees and fences 😱.


With their 80 jagged teeth, super strong jaws and their little thing called the death roll, these killers are nothing you want to mess with. They are nocturnal, so don't swim at night and don't dangle your legs in the water FFS!

3) Hippopotamus

2 900 kills a year.


This guy takes out more people a year in Africa than any other. Not lions, not Jaguars, the hippo!

They have canines that they can grow for 20 inches and they use them to slash the jugulars of other hippos, crocodiles are even you!

So they are territorial, aggresive and even though they're vegetarians, they have 0 problems killing humans that get too close to them. You are not safe in the water (since they are known to drag people under and contract their muscles to sink the bottom and run along the lake bed. You are definitely not safe on land : they can run 20 miles and hour.

2) Scorpion

5 000 kills a year.

This pale yellow crawler is only like one and a half to four inches long. The perfect lenght to fit in your shoe 😰. They have this huge stinger that they can use that contains one of the deadliest venoms on earth. This is really weird since, they manly eat crickets. Why does something that eat crickets need the deadliest venom? WHY?

If you get stung by these guys you will know it (unlike the Jellyfish). You will have headaches, get sleepy and joint pain.

1) Snake

94 000 kills a year.


That's a massive amout of kills, for something with no legs! No but seriously that's a big number.

The black mamba can slither 12 miles an hour which is the fastest moving snake on earth. It can lift itself up to 4 feet tall and then rapidly strikes while hissing. 2 drops of venomcan kill a healthy adult in 20 minutes. And those last 20 minutes are not going to be fun, because the venom shuts down your nervous system and paralyzes you. You won't be able to move or talk but you can still feel everything. So you are in excruciating pain and then you're dead.

Did you know this? What animal is your favorite animal? What animal scares you the most?

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