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The giraffe can not eat and drink unless it has a long distance between its two feet. It looks at the length of the mouse and causes it to have a problem with the enemies such as the lion For example, which is based on it in this situation.

The giraffe lives in the African region from Sudan and Somalia to southern Africa and to the west to the north of Nigeria. It avoids the jungle because dense plants may prevent it from escaping in danger. The giraffe is characterized by its brown, black or white skin and is taller than the female and can be as high as five The length of her neck is 180 cm. This allows her to eat leaves. She has a 30 cm long tongue that can clean her ears and head. She also has two lips that have a great ability to stretch.

Al-Gherafa has two main rivals: human and lion. If she senses a danger, her legs are released at speeds approaching 48 kilometers per hour.

Pregnancy and childbearing

The giraffe lives in the form of groups, laying one young child after a gestation period of 420 to 450 days. But it generates a giant two meters long. He weighs at birth between 47 and 70 kg and walks about an hour after birth. He breast-feeds his mother's milk and grows very quickly. He begins eating the leaves early. The giraffe generally eats from the acacia and kumigura head and has an odd color that tends to be dark brown, Environment.

The giraffe is about 25 or 28 years old and beyond that age is a record. The back of the giraffe's neck has only 7 cervical vertebrae, like the mouse, the rabbit and the human, while the ducks and geese have 16 toes. Cervical vertebrae while we find the bird small league 14 cervical vertebrae on the small size and short the neck Glory of the Creator !.

Challenge of gravity

In the animal world, scientists consider the giraffe to be the ideal challenge for gravity. Before the energy reaches the brain, the blood must travel two and a half meters from the heart in the middle of its body, a function of the heart that is prominent because of its 12 kg weight. Pressure increases the human arterial pressure three times to reach the area of ​​the brain, and the higher the blood in the neck of the long giraffe less power under the influence of gravity, otherwise it would have exploded cerebral blood vessels, and from the bottom note that gravity draws blood to force to send to the lists, That tissue And the strength of the muscles that are working to prevent the change of the shape of blood veins and damage, and when the giraffe lower her head down to drink, the straying in her brain prevents the arrival of blood to him violently As soon as the giraffe wakes up and raises its head again until the valves in the veins intervene, to curb the force of blood rushing from the brain under the influence of gravity to reach the heart quickly enough to cause shock to the giraffe and dizziness, Glory to the Creator! Because of the length of the giraffe's neck, it does not sleep for nine minutes, not once, but three times, every three minutes.

Because of the strange composition of her body, the princes of Africa presented the giraffe as a gift to the kings and sultans and found ancient drawings on the temples and caves.

Strangely enough, if the giraffe slides down and falls to the ground with her legs apart, she can not do it again and can remain so until she dies, and her stomach is used as a lye to prevent her intimacy.

Survival is threatened

The giraffe's presence in sub-Saharan Africa has been sporadic and the giraffe's geographic distribution has been sporadic throughout the western part of the continent. Giraffe was a common day in Morocco and parts of the Sahara but was extinct north of latitude 15 degrees north. But its survival outside sanctuaries, parks and gardens is still uncertain. Giraffes are abundant in savannas and are not found in forests, open plains or desert areas.

Giraffes drink water if they find it. In most cases, giraffes extract water from their plants. Talah trees are the most important sources of giraffe food, but they eat other plants during drought seasons, where the source of food is reduced by falling leaves.

The giraffe's skull is made up of two large horns covered with skin and hair, such as the horns of deer, before their branches, so they are not real horns because they are not covered with a corneal layer. Some giraffes may have one or more short corneal protrusions in their foreheads, and the giraffe can close their nasal openings completely to prevent sand and soil from entering. , Can also see and hear well and rarely use their voice, although it can produce many accurate voices, and is called the mention of the giraffes (ox) and when fighting male with another male and the fighting can be heard at a distance of 90 meters, yet these animals rarely injure Each other as females A fight.

People use giraffes for different purposes. Some African tribes, for example, use tail hair in the work of bracelets, ropes and skin in the work of protective covers and ligaments to treat muscle ruptures and to work the strings of the brackets

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