How do you deal with the loss of a pet...

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How do you deal with the loss and how others expect you to deal with the loss are two different things. For some people a pet is just that a pet but for others and for me a pet is not just a pet they are apart of your family and they are treated as such, you bring them into your home and they rely on you to take care of them and show them how to behave.

So you notice a difference in their behaviour and take them to the vets to have a check up and then get told the devastating news that unfortunately they are in bad health and it needs to be treated straight away in order to see if it will improve, there was no hesitation you get them treatment after treatment the vet tells you the odds are not great and that even though they have been through the treatment it hasn’t help and now comes the hard decision you can put them at peace and they will no longer be in pain but its the hardest decision you will make. No one is ready to let go so you could be selfish and hold on for longer but knowing that they will be in constant pain and only get worse, so the decision is made they are more important that your need to not let go,
Now some of you have already been through this process, some of you are going through it now and for the rest of you one day hopefully not anytime soon but the day will inevitably come, the process which occurs is simple enough they are given an injection witch slows down the heart until it stops, during this time they feel no pain and just calmly fall to sleep. your heart sinks and the felling of loss, hurt and blame for yourself could you of done anything else before it got to this? What if you took them to the vets sooner would it still of been the same outcome? If you just noticed the difference earlier.

What is the time limit you are meant to heal by, People expect that a month or two afterwards you are meant to be back to normal that it was just a terrible thing that happened but enough time has past to stop dwelling on it. My point is everyone is different we all take different times to heal for different reasons and we all process things in different ways and only you know how you feel so don’t let other people dictate when you should be ready to change things in life.

You can cry and feel sad that is the nature of life.


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