Giant Spider Visits the Camp

in animals •  11 months ago

A giant spider crawled out from underneath my truck while I was getting some water in the camp! Well, it's big compared to the spiders where I come from, though when it comes to tarantulas, this one is pretty small.


I used to be freaked out by spiders when I was younger. I was forced to be exposed to one regularly for a long period of time and the fear just wore off eventually. I'm not sure it's worn off so much that I'd want this thing crawling on me though...

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Spiders, whatever...

No! I'm still freaked out by spiders and that's exactly why I can't live where they live. You know why they have more than 4 legs? To crawl on your face with.

That looks like a young one. Make sure Mommy isn't in the truck next! :)


Haha, you're freaking me out man! I thought I was over this phobia, and then @camb came along...


Now you need a lizard in the truck. Call him Bobo.:)


I don't think a gorilla is going to fit in the truck...

I always see spiders as messengers, they weave such intricate webs and remind us to be patient. We have small tarantulas that cross the road where we live in the fall. It w as trip to see the first year.


Thank you for saying that @mountainjewel. I can now be open to the messages it brought!

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