Scruffs' and the Road to Recovery

in #animals3 years ago

I found him abandoned on the streets in a shitty part of Dallas where I was squatting in a rundown building. We were both broken and lost. We moved to Seattle a few months later together, but when I went to Rehab (Schick Shadel) my Ex took him to the shelter where he was adopted. Although we may never see each other again , our paths crossing On that dismal Dallas Day was a turning point for both of us. We are found , we know love and we are no longer existing , we are living.

Fuck he is the shit, and so photogenic . I hope I see you again one day my little guy.



Thanks to you this pup gets to live a good and healthy life,God Bless you and I’m glad you are also getting help,one day you need to adopt another pup,there are alway more pups in need of someone with a heart like yours!

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