Photography: Amazing animals never heard of before - Rare Collection

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Life is full of amazing creatures that we may not all know, so here we are showing some of these creatures or specifically a group of amazing animals that you may not have heard of before.

Beka Elei

This rare and cute animal is also known as the "magic rabbit", first discovered in the Chinese Tian Shan Mountains, and recently photographed for the first time in 20 years.

Pinocchio Frog

This frog is also known as the Spike Nosed Tree, the "frog of the tree". This name is named because the male frog becomes its prominent nose like Pinocchio's character when it feels dangerous.

Monkey sniff nose

This monkey was discovered in 2010 in northern Burma (Myanmar) and is considered one of the rarest primate in the world because of the unusual shape of its nose and its always sneezing when it rains.

The pink fish with a hand

Several years ago, scientists discovered 14 species of fish with hand-shaped fins, and nine species are now at risk of extinction.

White bat

The white bat lives in Central America in a tent of Heliconia leaves, eating fruit and growing only until it reaches 4.7 cm.

Octopus Octopus

This Octopus got his name because he has two fins between his legs that make him look like an elephant dumbo in Disney movies.


Barrels are plankton that feed on carbon dioxide in the water and pump it through its transparent bodies, reducing carbon levels in water and air.


Chinese soft-shelled white turtle

These small turtles use their long neck and nasal tube-like nose to breathe.

Bow tubular fruit nose

These tubular nose bats were discovered in 2009 in Papua New Guinea forests.

Amazon dolphin

The Amazon River dolphins are also known as pink river dolphins, which are light gray, but some become pink when growing older. These dolphins are not friendly or can be easily trained, so they are rarely captured.


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Funny frog.

This collection of creatures is fasinating to look at.


thank you :)

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These are amazing

Wow - excellent photos and information.


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I was amazed by the Barrels and Beka Elei. The barrels was like a gummy bear and the Beka is more of a stuff toy.

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