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in animals •  8 months ago

Maybe Dr. Seuss Could Make this Cute?

I'm the one who HAD to have a puppy!

This too shall pass. This too shall pass. This too shall pass.


I know one day, Pickle will be a lazy old girl who'd just about rather lie in the sun than anything else. But today is not that day.

Today (okay, actually a few days ago and then again last night), what she wanted to do was chew stuff up.

Like the comforter on the bed in the guest room. This probably happened right after the petsitter left this weekend. Bye-bye blankie!

And then these were my favorite sneakers. Not too new to be comfy, not too old to be shabby and leaky. I took them off to get a little foot rub last night. Then, when I noticed only one was still on the arm of the sofa, it occurred to me that maybe she'd gotten its mate.

A quick search of the pitch dark backyard using my handy-dandy phone flashlight revealed the truth: they are no more. The bottom pic shows what's left of the insole... in a little bitty pile on our deck.

I'm sure I could buy some sort of new sole insert, but they'll never be the same. Best to just move on and take the lesson: If there's a puppy around, don't leave anything you care about within reach.

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