Baby pigeons, day 5

in #animals3 years ago

Today was an interesting day,
The younger bird started showing roots of feathers around its wings and back, and it ate like crazy and almost choked.
I think the older one is really close to flying, his flight feathers (the last, longest two feathers on each wing) are almost long enough to cross over his back. When they do, he will be ready :)

Here are some status photos :)





Baby pigeons are so sweet and delicate. It wont be long until the second one has its feathers. :) Were these pigeons born at the same time @simba?

Hehehehe thats a great movie :)
No, they weren't born together nor are brothers, but they were taken from the same balcony that was cleared by hoomans :)
thanks for commenting :)

Oh okay, that makes more sense. I was wondering why one had feathers and the hadn't yet. Thank you for taking good care of them. :)

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