Mum and Her Two Kids.

in #animals3 years ago

I found this cute little family in my back yard today, aren't they cute.


I didn't even know they were there even though I walked right passed them may times.


I hope you enjoyed my pictures and thanks for visiting.


Great pictures, very nice. Do you know what kind of bird they are. Thanks mike

Thanks Mike, they are called a Crested Pigeon and are very common down here. They are actually a dove not a pigeon and they are about half the size of a pigeon, cheers mate.

Nice little bird, thanks for letting me know. Cheers mike

Yeah they are fun to watch as well, they are usually fighting or the males are dancing a jig courting the girls, cheers mate.

Great pictures, very
Nice. Do you know what kind of
Bird they are. Thanks mike

                 - mikenevitt

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

And a very cute little family too, they look a bit shocked, lol. :-)

That's a gorgeous little family, great pictures @silverbug beautiful.

They look like they know they have been busted🤣

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Yeah I reckon, they let me get pretty close too without taking off, cheers mate.

Yes, yes they are, and they did a good job not being noticed by you for ages, how are they supposed to know if you're going to eat them or just take photos ;D They're so cute!

They are well camouflaged and they don't move a muscle and stay dead still even when you get closer, cheers mate.

I had pigeons nesting near by as well, some years ago. Usually you can hear them more than see them. Especially 5 o'clock in the morning...

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