Amazing Kingdom of Bees / 놀라운 꿀벌의 왕국

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I would like to write a few words about bees. Probably, there are the most useful animals in the world. Bess give life!


What is the bee?

Bee is the insect with 6 legs, 4 wings, some stripes and huge eyes. The most popular bee is honey bee. We can meet this insect very often in backyards, gardens or balcony.

Society of bees

Bee are living in societies ande every member here has their role. The most important is the Queen. She lays eggs and lures drones by smell. And now sad role of drones is finish. They are dying after conception. We still have the workers. They are fed of flowers, cleaning areas tolay eggs and care for hive.


Language of bees

Bees are communicating In this way they can show alarm, request for clean body of dancer, move in particular direction and joy. Bees have emotions and they can show it!

Whe the bees are so important?

Honey bees, they are responsible for pollinating plants and flowers which provide a big part of the food we eat. Albert Einstein said: "If the bee disappears from the surface of the Earth, man would have no more than four years left to live.” Unfortunately we can't hear about this in media, but problem is very serious.

What is more, we can hervest honey from hives. This is full natural product and it arises very easy. The bees are taking nectar and transport it to cells of combs. The bees making "shell" on honey to avoid rotten.

The bees are building combs from the wax, and we making the candles. Propolis seals the hives and contributes to the smooth functioning of the immune system. We can buy it in pharmacies. The another product of bees is royal jelly, which found application in the cosmetology.


Do not disturb

We have to protect honey bees, because their numbers are decreasing. What is more, Europe is the home only for 10% of world population. If you are not a beekeper, all you have is not disturb bees. You can't chase away honey bees. They are not agressive and should not attack you. Remember about forage plants in your garden!

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