OMG: Too Insanely Cute...

in animals •  8 months ago 

Came across a collection of pics so ridiculously cute, it’d be a crime not to share...





















~ source: Thinking Humanity Facebook group

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What a beauty, rok-sivante!! They are all baby animals. Most have a tender look and some funny expressions. I love those of the sleeping animals. They look so innocent! It's almost impossible to imagine that most of them are wild and fierce animals. Although I am not a mother, I know that babies have the particularity of taking out the maternal side of human beings, their protective instinct. Good images for this hot Thursday. I embrace you

It is said that pleasant images, as well as music, can work in our organism and make it feel joy, pleasure, positive sensations. I have reviewed the comments and I have seen that all of you made the day happy by sharing these photographs! That's nice. Congratulations and thank you, @rok-sivante!

Thanks for the smiles before bed.


That laughing cat and the walrus/seal made my day, the way it was sticking it's nose out of the water and peeping through, the nose seems ridiculously large lol hahahaha and that tiny infant monkey seems to the cutest of all. Wow amazing collection Rok

They're good pictures! They made me laugh. Thanks for putting a little humour and tenderness into the afternoon, my friend.

@Rok-Sivante now you've done I want a baby!

They are adorable. Wouldn't even mind adopting the Wolf if it were possible

Wow!!! They are really cute, every single one of them.😄


They are all looking good! Why are they not found in every part of the world? I see that is not just all of them you find easily.

Awwwwwwwn! These are completely beautiful collection. Saved some of them. I couldn't just help it. Thanks for sharing.

So cute

There is really very beautiful photography. All the photos of the whole are very beautiful. I used to be the most beautiful elephant because I like elephants.

Dear @rok-sivante sir!
The compositions of God are always priceless. If we talk about small children, whether it is human or children of animals In childhood, they appear to be very beautiful and gentle. Because at this time they do not have the ability to think more. Because they are free, they are free.
You compiled children of beautiful and wonderful animals. Your photography is amazing. Looking at your other aspect was very enjoyable. The idea of ​​such a photography can undoubtedly be a good poet.


Your photography is amazing.

This isn’t my photography.

I stated right at the beginning that I found the collection - and provided the source at the end.

  ·  8 months ago (edited)

Ok sir. I did not see images source.

You have collected a lot of lovely cute photos, Sir
The squirrel picture is very beautiful very beautiful.

There is a very wonderful collection of photos of small children of animals, if I tell them which is the best of them then I will not be able to tell or not Because this is all a great photo.

wow and amazing photos, thanks for sharing them with us. the two last pictures are really nice and cute for....they are really nice pictures which makes one appreciate nature more.

thanks for sharing sir.

I love animals, @rok-sivante! Especially dogs. They are the best friends in the world! Although so small, they all look so beautiful. I feel like hugging them!

Very very cute!😍😍😍

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