African Burrowing Scorpion

in animals •  2 months ago

Otherwise known by its scientific name "Opistopthalmus Glabrifrons"

Heres this monster enjoying a meal-worm dinner. Dont even think about putting your fucking hand in this creatures enclosure. Unless you want to be pinched and stung with some venom. You gotta just give this guy his space and keep him fed so he doesn't act up. Check out his smaller pincers that he uses to rip apart his food.


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Sexy little creature <3

Thank heavens they don't grow much bigger !! What a beautiful critter though.


Aint that the truth!

Aeww a little Yellow legged Creeping Scorpion They are not as poisonous as you would think, but if you manage to catch them with their tongs, believe me, it hurts a lot.
He is cute mate and kinda big.

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