Teraphosa blondi spider

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teraphosa blondi the largest spider in the world measures with crops up to 30 cm is great and because of this, he plans to buy it in the near future below the photos and a brief description of this amazing spider for a nice watching 😁

The weight of an adult individual is up to 250 g, and the spacing of the legs to about 30 cm. Females clearly larger than males. Brown individuals are the most common, there are also black forms. Venom is not a threat to the life or health of an adult human. However, you should take into account the unpleasant bite of venomous fangs growing up to 2.5 cm. After the bite, the most common are vomiting, nausea, headaches, fever and muscle spasms (sometimes occurring long after the bite). Quite often, he shows aggression. Due to their size and weight, over grown and adult individuals have trouble climbing the vertical surfaces.

The age of these spiders is very diverse - females live up to several years, while males live about a year / two years from the last moulting (in total about 2-4 years). He lives in Brazil, French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname and Venezuela. Worldwide raised as a pet.

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I am new here & upvoted you.

Dziekuje gobind

Wow.. What a huge spider !! The fangs are also huge. I think it will hurt a lot if I get bitten.

it would surely hurt 😋

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