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On 19 February, the day of protection of whales

Whales appeared long before humans,approximately 50-60 million years ago

Although whaling is banned in many countries,this topic is still relevant

Whales are the largest animals in the world

Whales schitayutsya the biggest jivotnimi in the world.
Their length is 20-27 meters,the weight of the colossal whale was a minimum of 150 tons.
The heart of this animal weighing in at around 600kg,and the size as a car.
Whales emit a ultrasound that other whales can hear even 16000км

I once watched one video where a mother whale swam in the ocean and already weakened,they began to atakovat sharks.Mother how could basically,but not for long,then it izdava sounds ,preply nowhere whale male.So they escaped.And gowar that it can even be unfamiliar kit.

That's what vzaimopomoshi,not like people???

The whale eats a million calories a day

8 months of the year whales almost eat nothing and survive at the expense of the stored fat. But all summer they feed almost non-stop, absorbing up to three tons of food per day. The whale's diet mainly consists of algae and small crustaceans. Sometimes the whales eat small fish.

Video taken

These are the beauties we are surrounded by.!!!

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