##Chupacabra.The beast is a vampire.

in #animals7 years ago

Another vampire appeared in Russia and Ukraine
Eyewitnesses say this creature is a cross between a lizard and a kangaroo,but also something of the sabaki and the wolf.


Here such BEASTS surround us.

Read the comments,just stunned.
Some say that a lie,another duck from the Ukrainians.

Others say that it's hairless but on the back there is a crest of hair. Personally saw.
Next say this is Rusko sinasabi.

Even govaryat that it is a descendant of dinosaur,or what nasty things you will not find at Chernobyl.
In short a lot of opinions until I see you can talk for a long time.

But still in this world of shit divorced a bunch and the truck.

Write that ? interesting

This beast to prey on domestic animals and sucks their blood


A terrible creature with huge claws, a strange body and a huge head, animal teeth, caught in a Chinese reservoir Sangjan. Being put in a cage and it

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