Little piglets

in #animals6 years ago

A couple of pigs still remain, at this point almost all of them have new owners. I left three for myself.

Sowsmith, as they say, eats like a pig. It is better not to stand near it. 1.5 meters is enough. If you stand closer, she will slap you from head to foot.

Here they are still quite crumbs, but they study the surrounding world with interest. Climbing between cells through a hole is a complete pleasure.

Pigs have a very developed herd instinct. Where has gone one - there follow and the others.

With a sow you need to be always on your guard. You should not touch her, you'll take it off completely.

And here everything is assembled: both old and young.


Теперь на Стиме благодаря тебе тоже есть криптопоросята=))) Молодца=)))

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